Re-issue of The Handbook of Water Works Statistics

The re-issue of the Handbook of Water Works Statistics which was temporarily discontinued, will commence this year under the above title. Sample reports showing arrangement of the data it will contain, are given below. The book will be circulated, the same as the old edition, free to all water departments furnishing the information. A complete list of water works and city officials and manufacturers of water works machinery and supplies will also be given so that the manual will prove a full and reliable book of reference for all interested in the water service of the country. If those having reports will kindly return them as early as possible it will greatly facilitate the publication.

ELMIRA. N. Y. Pop. 45,000—Owned by city.

Source: Chemung river and imp. res., 1 mi. from

System: Pump to res. and gravity.

Reservoirs: One imp.. 100 mil. gals., 250 ft. above bus. center.; one dis., 5 mil. gals., 200 ft. above bus. center.

Pumps: One Wor. 10 mil. gal. cr. comp., steam, 1800; one 70 mil. Wor. 2 stage centr. electric, 1007; one 10 and one 14 mil. DeLaval electric.

Boilers: 2 water tube, Edgemoor. 250 h.p.

Filtration: Mechanical, wood, 7⅛ mil. gals, cap., N. V. Cont. Jewell Fil. Co., 1805; clear water basin, 3 ½ mil. gals. ; chemicals, alum and liquid chlorine.

Mains: c. i., 103 mi.; service pipe, lead and wr. i.

Hydrants: 578.

Meters: 0,200, Lambert* ‘l%idcnt and others; av. cost setting 5/8-in., 60c. ; taps, 0,055.

Rates: Flat $0, hath $4, closet $4; meter, min. 100 cu. ft.. 5c., max. 30c., 100,000 gals, and over, 7c. per 1,000; hyd. rental, $10,000 y.

Pressure: Av. 75 lbs.

Consumption: Av. daily, 4 1/2 mil. gals.; per cap. 100 gals.

Cost of Plant: To date, $1,525,000.

Bonds: Outstanding, $1,480,000; int. 4 ½%-

C. W. Holmes, Pres. Water Rd.; J. J. M. Nevin,

Secy. ; H. M. Beardsley, Mgr. ; A. Dillon, Foreman

Pipe Lines; H. F. Jones Chemist; II. N. Hoffman,

Mayor; L. A. Andrews, City Clk.; T. A. Brown, City


LOWELL. MASS. Pop. 107.000—Owned by city.

Source: 700 wells, 2 1/2 by 6-in. dia., 40 ft. deep. 4 mil. from bus. center.

System: Pump to res.

Pumps: Two 8 mil. Holly, one 8 mil. Al.-Ch., one 10 mil. Wor., one 5 mil. Wor., two 3 mil. Deane, one 7 mil. and one 10 mil. turbo-centr.

Reservoirs: Dis., one 30 mil. cap., 1 mi. from bus. center.

Boilers: 12, return tur., Scanned, Edgemoor, 1,500 h.p.

Filtration: Slow sand, concrete, cap. 10 mil.; Gow & Co., 1015; clear water basin, 1 mil.; no chemical*.

Mains: C. i., 157 mi.; service pipe, lead-lined iron, 532,757 ft.

Hydrants: 1.410; valves, 1,500; Ludlow and others.

Meters: 11,437, Crown. Hersey and others; cost of setting -VCin. or 1-in., $2; taps, 13,508.

Rates: rial $0, bath $3, closet $4; meter, min. 100 cu. ft., 10c., max. 14c.

Pressure: Av. 05 lbs.

Consumption: Av. daily. 5,420,000 gals.; per cap., 50 gab. ; free for pub. use, $30,000 worth y.

Cost: Av. ami. exp., $110,000.

N. F. Putnam. Pres. Rd. Comm.; J. W. Crawford,

Secy.; R J. Thomas, Supt.; J. E. O’Donnell, Mayor;

S. A Kearney, City Engr.

WASHINGTON. D. C. Pop. 305,000.—Distribution system owned by Dist. of Columbia and supply and purification systems bv V. S. Government.

Source: Potomac River, 10 mi. from bus. center.

System: Two-thirds gravity from stdp. and res.; onethird direct pump.

Pumps: One Holly vert, tri, exp. s-act., 2 1/2 mil. gals.; one Nordberg hor, tri. exp. (1-act., 5 mil.; one Barr, Al.-Ch. water end, vert. tri. exp. d-act., 12 mil. ; three Al.-Ch. vert. tri. exp., one s.-act. 30 mil., ari l two d-act., 20 mil. ea. ; two Platt tri. plgr. s-act., I,728.020 and 814,000 gals.; two Gould s.-act. tri. plgr., 1.015,020 ea.; last four driven by gas engines, others steam.

Boilers: Six hor. water tube, 200 h.p. ea., Altman & Tyler.

Reservoirs: Three acting a* settling basins and part of one as coag. basin; 1(M) ft. above bus. center; total cap. 453.5 mil. gals.; two dis., 30 and 4.5 mil. gals.. 5 mi. from bus. center.

Filtration: Slow sand, concrete, 29 filter* one acre ea., 4 mil. gals. cap. ea., 1905; clear water basin, 15 mil. gals.; chemicals, alum.

Mains: C. i., *101. Lynchburg, U. S. C. I. P. and others; service pipe, lead, 235 mi.

Hydrants: 3.373, Smith and others; valves, 9,654, Kennedy, Eddv, Chapman, Ludlow, Coffin, Darling, Smith, Rensselaer, Wood and others.

Meters: 48,4 tt, American, Crown, Empire, Eureka, Gam on, Gem. Horsey, Kevstone, King. Lambert. Nash. Niagara, Standard, Thomson, Trident, Union, Worthington; av. cost setting 5/8-in. $5.34, 1-in, $6; taps, 08.365.

Rates: Flat, 2 store bldg., $5; meter, min. $4.50, allowing use of 7,300 cu. ft.; above this, 4c. per 100

Cu. ft.

Pressure: Av., 30 to 70 lbs.

Consumption: 52 1/2 mil gals. dy. ; per cap., 141 gals.; free for public use, 2½ mil. gals. dy. ; av. dy. pumpage. 24.318,000 gals,; pump, cost per nvl. gals . $5 32.

Cost of Plant: To date, $18*000,000; an. exp.. $375,000. J. H Garland, Supt.; G. W. Wallace, Registrar; J. T. Fink, Master Mech.; S. IL Harding. Foreman Pipe Lines.

YONKERS, N. Y. Pop. 03,000—Owned by city.

Source: Saw Mill River and Sprain creeks, 4 mi. from bus. Center.

System: Pump to stdp. and res.

Pumps: 4 duplex comp.; 2 cr. comp, fly-w.; one duplex tri. exp.; one or. comp. cr. and fly-w.; total cap. 37 mil.; Wor., Snow, Prescott, Wood, Wright.

Boilers: Five return tubular, six water tube, 2050 h.p.

Standpipe: One, steel, 20-ft. x 110-ft., 205,000 gals.

Reservoirs: Imp., 900 mil. gals, cap., 100 ft. above bus. center; dis., 64 mil. gals, cap., 305 ft. above bus. ⅜ center.

Filtration: Slow sand, concrete, 20 mil. gals. cap.; chemicals, hypo.

Mains: C. i., 100 mi.; service pipe, c. i. and lead.

Hydrants: 1,848, Mathews; valves, 1,252, Rensselaer and others. _

Meters: 10,007, National, Thomson, Neptune, Union, Hersey, Worthington, Pittsburgh; taps, 10,214.

Rates: No flat; meter, min. 7c. per 100 cu. ft.; max. 15c.; hyd. rental, $20 ea. per year.

Pressure: Av. 80 lbs.

Consumption: Av. dy., 9½ mil. gals.; per cap. 97 1/4 gals.; free for public use, 11 mil. cu. ft. y.; unaccounted loss per year, 15.08%.

Cost of Plant: To date, $3,873,715; av. ann. exp., $141,400.

Bonds: Outstanding, $2,809,750; int., $120,895.

E’dw. L. Peetie, Supt.; John Casey, Chemist; Tas.

Lennon, Mayor; Jas. Howarth, City Clk.; Daniel Fulton, City Engr.

LEXINGTON, KY. Pop. 40,000.—Lexington Hydraulic & Mfg. Co.

Source: Imp. res., 3 mi. from bus. center.

System: Direct pump.

Pumps: Two 1½ mil. gal. Gaskill, 1885; one 3 mil. Holly, 1897; one 0 mil. Holly, 1905; one 3 and one 1 ½ mil. Lai-Du-Gor, 1S94, 1895; one 2½ mil. Fairbanks hor. tri. motor-driven; one 3J4 mil. DeLaval

Boilers: Four hor. tubular, two 85 h.p., two 150 h.p.

Filtration: Mechanical, wood, 5 mil. gals., N. Y. Cont. Jewell Fill. Co., 1894, 1898; clear water basin, 170,000 gals.; chemicals, alum, hypo.

Mains: C. i., 85½ mi.; service pipe, lead.

Hydrants: 650, Holly, Mathews; valves, 840; Ludlow, Chapman, Rensselaer, Crane.

Meters: 0,600, Empire; taps, 7,300.

Rates: No flat; meter, min. per 1,000 gals., 10c.; max. 25c. ; hyd. rental, $50 ea. per year.

Pressure: Dom., 50 lbs.; fire, 90 to 120 lbs.

Consumption: 2,800,000 gals. dy.; per cap., 70 gals.; free tor public use, 23 mil. gals. y. ; unaccounted loss per year, 11 mil. gals. John C. Stoll, Pres. ; R. R. Harting, Secv-Treas. ;

VY. S. Cramer, Mgr. and Supt.; Wm. Mabon, Cashier;

F. R. Cramer, Ch. Engr. Pump. Plant; E. E. West,

Ch, Meter Insp.; F. M. Sutton, Foremain Pipe Lines.

HARRISBURG. PA. Pop. 75,000.—Owned by city.

Source: Susquehanna River, 800 ft. from bus. center.

System: Pump to res.

Pumps: One Barr tri. exp. 12 mil. gals.; one Harrisburg comp. 10 mil.

Boilers: Four return tubular, 150 h.p., Harrisburg Boiler Works.

Reservoirs: Dis., one 20 mil. gals, % mi. from bus. center, one V* mi., 1 mil. gals.

Filtration: Mechanical, concrete, 15 mil. gals, cap.; clear water basin, 4½ mil. gals.; chemicals, alum, hypo.

Mains: C. i.. 100 m. Wood, Donaldson, Standard.

Hydrants: 1,100, Eddy, Kennedy, Ludlow, Wood; valves, 2,280, Rensselaer, Wood, Ludlow, Kennedy, Eddy.

Meters: 12,450, Thomson, Crown, Nash, Hersey, Gem, Union, Trident. Empire, Keystone, Wortnington, Badger, American, Niagara, Garnon ; set by plumbers at owner’s expense: taps, 18,500.

Pressure: Av., 30 to 84 lbs.

Consumption: 7,400,000 gals. dy.; free for public use, $50,000 worth y. ; av. cost pump. mil. gals, $36.44.

Cost: Av. ann., $59,000.

Bonds: Outstanding, $7,950; int., 3⅝%.

E. S. Meals, Mayor; C. A. Miller, City Clk.; Benj. Cow den. City Engr.

ERIE. PA. Pop. 85,000.—Owned by city.

Source: Lake Erie. mi. from bus. center.

System: Pump to res.

Pumps: One 20 mil. gal. Bethlehem, one 12 and one S mil. Wor., one Holly and two Wood 20 mil. centr.

Boilers: Eight, water and return tube, Heines 350 h.p , Erie City 250 h.p.

Standpipe: One, steel, 25-ft. by 120-ft., Chic. B. & I. Wks., 1912.

Reservoirs: One, dis., 32 mil. gals., ½ mi. from bus.

Filtration: Mechanical, concrete. 30 mil. gals.. Xorv Eng Co., 1914: clear water basin, 420,000; chr micals, alum and hypo.

Mains: C. i., 151 mi., Wood and U. S.; service pipe, galv.

Hydrants: 926, Wood, Eddy, Ludlow, Mathews, Corey; valves, 2,115, Wood. Eddy, Ludlow’, Rensselaer. Meters: 595, all makes, bus. bldgs, only; taps, 22,037. Pressure: Av., 60 lbs.

Rates, Fla? $4, bath $1.50, closet $3; hyd. rental, $45 ea. per year.

F. D. Schultz, Pres. Br. Water Comrs.; E. W. Humphreys, Supt.; G. C. Gensheimer, Treas. ; G. R. Miller, Ch. Engr. Pump. Plant; E. A. Beck, Ch. Meter Insp.; R. Johnson, Foreman Pipe Lines; J. S. Dunwoody, Chemist; M. B. Kitts, Mayor; T. Hanlon, City Clk. ; B. E. Briggs, City Engr.

SYRACUSE, N. Y. Pop. 152,000.—Owned by city.

Source: Skaneateles Lake, 19 mi. from bus. center.

System: Gravity.

Reservoirs: One dis., 121 mil. gals., 2 mi. from bus. center.

Standpipe: One, steel, 66-ft. by 51-ft., 1,230,000 gals.

Mains: C. i., 218.7 mi.; service pipe, AAA lead.

Hydrants: 3,254, Eddy, Mathews, Galvin, Iowa, Ludlow and others; valves, 3,053, Ludlow, Eddy, Chapman and others.

Meters: 26,938, Crown, Lambert, Trident, Nash. Worthington, Hersey, Keystone, Gem, Empire ana others; set by licensed plumbers at owner’s expense ; taps, 28,014.

Rates: No flat; meter, min. per 1,000 gals., Gc. ; max. 14 2-3c.; 100,000 gals, and over, 6c. per 1,000.

Pressure: Av., 75 lbs.

Consumption: Av. dy., 20 mil. gals.; per cap., 132 gals.; unaccounted loss per day, 7 mil. gals. ; free for public use, 2½ mil. gals. dy.

Cost of Plant: To date, $5,822,315; av. ann. exp., $95,000.

Bonds: Outstanding, $4,505,000; int. 3 and 4 ½%.

C. A. Windholz, Supt.; W. W. Crossett, Chief Meter Insp.; Geo. Roller, Foreman Pipe Lines: W. R. Stone, Mayor; J. N. Alsever, City Clk.; H. C. Allen, City Engr.

DAYTON, O. Pop. 130,000.—Owned by city.

Source: Wells, 8-in., 50 to 80 ft. deep; 96 1 mi. from bus. center, 8 mi., 26 3 mi.

System: Direct pump, and stdp.

Pumps: One 10 mil gal. hor. Gaskill, 1S85; one 15 mil. hor. Holly duplex, 1891; one 10 mil. Holly tri., 1901; one 4 mil. hor. Platt, 1915; one 20 mil. DeLaval, 1916; one 3 mil. Jeanesviile, 1908; two 5 mil. and one H mil. Platt, 1914 ; two 1 mil. Dayton.

Boilers: Four Bab. & Wil., two 465 h.p. and two 415 h.p.

Standpipes: Two, steel, 41-ft. by 85-ft., 313,000 gal., 42-ft. by 85-ft., 900,00 gals.; Chi. B. & I. Wks., 1913 and 1916.

Mains: C. I., 235 mi.; service pipe, lead.

Hydrants:2,200, Bourbon; valves, 5,000, Rensselaer.

Meters:27,000; charge for setting ⅝-in., $1; taps, 30,000.

Rates: Min. per 1,000 gals., 4c.; max., 8c.

Pressure: Dom., 70 lbs.; fire, 100 lbs.

Consumption: Av. dy., 11 mil. gals.; per cap., 81 gals. ; unaccounted loss per year, 12%; pump, cost per mil. gals., $11.45.

Cost of Plant: To date, $2,900,000.

Bonds: Total outstanding, $1,377,500.

H. C. Wight, Gen’l Supt.; Chas. Dugan, Registrar; Henry Rehling, Ch. Engr. Pump. Plant; Chas. Hauser, Ch. Meter Insp.; F. H. Grosbrent, Foreman Pipe Lines; H. M. Waite, City Mgr.; Geo. W. Shroyer, Mayor; F. A. Eichelbriger, City Engr.

DECATUR. ILL. Pop. 35,000.—Owned by city.

Source:Sangamon River, 1 mi. from bus. center.

System:Direct pump.

Pumps: Two Al-Ch. and one Platt high duty, total cap. 11 mil. gals.; two 5 mil. centr. low duty.

Boilers: Three water tube, Erie City, 300 h.p. ea.

Filtration: Mechanical, 9 mil. gals, cap., N. Y. Cont. Jewell Fil. Co., 1915; clear water basin, 3 mil. gals.; chemicals, alum, hypo.

Mains: C. i., 70 mi.

Hydrants: 683, Wood, Rensselaer, Flower, Holly, Bourbon; valves, 783, Rensselaer, Wood, Eddy.

Meters: Thomson. Buffalo, Union, National, Worthington, Hersey, Pittsburgh, Badger; taps, 6,600.

Rates:No flat; meter, $1 per quarter for 5,000 gals, or less; over 1,875,000 gals, per quarter, 5c. per 1,000.

Pressure: Av. dom., 80 lbs.; fire, 120 lbs.

Consumption: Av. dy. per cap., 100 gals.

Cost of Plant: To date, $1,135,000; av. ann. exp., $40,000.

Bonds: Outstanding, $298,000; int. 4 to 5%.

Harry Ruthrauff, Comr. Pub. Property; J. C. Walker, Ch. Eng. Pump. Plant; T. A. Hammell, Ch. Meter Insp.; Daniel Dinneen, Mayor; J. J. Heger, City Clk. ; P. T. Hicks, City Engr.

AKRON, O. Pop. 110,000.—Owned by city.

Source: Cuyahoga River, 15 mi. from bus. center.

System:Pump to res.

Pumps: One 15 and one 17 mil. gal. Todd vert. tri. exp., 1906 and 1915; one 3 mil. Dravo-Doyle centr.; two small booster units.

Boilers: Three hor., Union, 200 h.p. ea.

Standpipe: One, steel, 25-ft. by 65-ft., 225,000 gals.

Filtration: Mechanical, concrete, ten 2 mil. gal units, N. Y. Cont. Jewell Fil. Co., 1912-16; clear water basin, 600,000 gals. ; chemicals, alum, liquid chlorine.

Mains: C. i. and steel, 185 mi.; service pipe, lead.

Hydrants:1,008, Wood, Corey, Ludlow, Darling, Kennedy, Eddy; valves, 2,800, Kennedy, Roe-Stephens, Rensselaer, Nelson.

Meters: 12,000 ; 8,000 Hersey, 4,000 Gamon; av. cost setting ⅝-in. 50c., 1-in. 60c.; taps, 22,000.

Pressure: 20 to 130 lbs.

Consumption: Av. dy. 13 mil. gals.; dy. pumpage 15 mil. gals.; unaccounted for loss, 2 mil. gals. dy.

Cost of Plant: To date, $4,5S0,000; av. ann. exp., $100,000.

Bonds: Outstanding, $4,580,000; int. 4 to 4½%.

H. H. Frost, Supt.; J. H. Newstetter. Ch. Engr. Pump. Plant; C. W. Sherbondy, Ch. Meter Insp.; Chas. Snyder, Foreman Pipe Lines; J. S. Gettrust, Chemist; W. J. Laub, Mayor; M. Zeisloft, City Engr.

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