Water Works Manufacturers Meet

Water Works Manufacturers Meet

John F. Reagan, Jr., President, Water Works Manufacturers' Association

The Water Works Manufacturers’ Association held its annual meeting at the Hotel Statler, Detroit, Mich., during the convention of the American Water Works Association, at 9 a. m. on Tuesday, May 22, 1923, President Edgar J. Buttenheim in the chair.

The officers elected for the ensuing year were as follows: John F. Reagan, Jr., President, Eastern Sales Manager, Neptune Meter Company, New York City; Charles R. Wood, Vice-President, R. D. Wood & Company , Philadelphia, Pa.; D. F. O’Brien, Treasurer, A. P. Smith Mfg. Company, East Orange, N. J.; John A. Kienle, Secretary, General Sales Manager, Mathieson Alkali Company, New York City.

The new executive committee consists of the following: The Hersey Manufacturing Company, R. D. Wood & Co., the Neptune Meter Company, the Mathieson Alkali Company and the Pitometer Company.

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