Marine City, Mich., May Electrify Water Works—Plans are being made by Marine City, Mich., to electrify the water works plant.

Rural Retreat, Va., Completes Water System—The new water works system at Rural Retreat, Va., has just been completed.

Tarpon Springs, Fla., Plans New Water Works System— The installation of a new water works system is planned for Tarpon Springs, Fla.

Port Arthur, Tex., Planning for Filtration Plant—Plans are being made in Port Arthur, Tex., for the erection of a filtration plant which will cost $400,000.

Wrens, Ga., to Extend Water System—The people of Wrens, Ga., voted to issue $20,000 bonds to finance the extension to the distribution system.

Ft. Worth, Tex., to Purchase Pipe—About 7,000 tons of cast iron pipe will be purchased by Forth Worth, Tex., for extensions to their distribution system.

Watertown, N. Y., Installing Meters—About 1,950 meters are left to be installed in Watertown, N. Y. Up to the present the city has installed 4,763 meters since 1922.

St. Cloud, Fla., Extends Water Mains—Water mains are being rapidly laid in St. Cloud, Fla. This improvement has been made possible by part of a $235,000 bond issue.

Four Oaks, N. C., to Issue Water Bonds—At a recent election the people of Four Oaks, N. C., voted to issue $70,000 bonds for the construction of a water works system.

Miles Center, I11., Awards Main Contracts—The village board of Miles Center, I11., awarded three contracts for laying water mains which will complete the new water system.

Yonkers, N. Y., May Have Water Department—Consideration is being given to the plan in Yonkers, N. Y., to establish a water department to take the place of the present water bureau.

Water System Completed at Cutler, Cal.—The new water works system has been completed at Cutler, Cal., at a cost of $25,000. A tank has been erected with a capacity of 50,000 gallons.

Macomb, I11., to Have Water Supply System—At a recent election, the people of Macomb, I11., voted for issuing $100,000 bonds to finance the construction of a water works system.

Mansfield, O., May Erect Reservoir—A special meeting was held by the city council of Mansfield, Ohio, to consider plans for the construction of a reservoir which will be erected on land donated to the city.

Well Completed in Urbana, O.—The water works department at Urbana, Ohio, has just completed the drilling of a 38inch well. A test showed the well to have a capacity of one thousand gallons a minute.

Camp Near Louisville to Have Water System—Work has started on the construction of a new water supply system for Camp Henry Knox situated near Louisville, Ky. The new distributing system is estimated to cost $130,000.

Bellingham, Wash., to Buy Water System—Bellingham, Wash., will purchase the water supply system of South Bellingham, Wash., at a price of $165,000. This move was part of the platform of the elected candidate for mayor.

Sewell, N. J., Pumps Stop When Engineer is Not Paid— When one of the employees at the water works plant of Sewell, N. J., was not paid promptly for his services, the pumps stopped operating and the city suffered the consequences.

Des Moines, Ia., to Purchase Pipe—Charles S. Denman, manager of the water plant at Des Moines, Ia., left for New York to purchase pipe for water main extensions. It is estimated that the pipe purchase will be $525,000.

Sheffield, Ala., Water Company Increases Stock—The capital stock of the Sheffield, Ala., water company has been increased from $2,000,000 to $2,500,000. This water company is a subsidiary of the Southeastern Power and Light Company.

Mains Added in Altoona, Pa.—About three miles of mains were added to the distribution system of Altoona, Pa., the past year. A number of valves were installed so that in case of a break in the mains, only a small area will be affected.

Portland, Ore., to Increase Water Rates—The city council of Portland. Ore., voted to increase the water rates about twenty per cent. The increased changes are necessary to meet the interest and provide a sinking fund for the bond issue.

Indianola. Ia., Plans for Future Supply—Plans are being made in Indianola. Ia., for an adequate water supply for the future. While the present water supply is sufficient for the city’s needs at present, the supply will not be ample for a larger city.

Wewoka, Okla., Awards Reservoir Contract—The contract for the construction of the reservoir and dam which will be erected one and one-half miles northwest of Wewoka, Okla., was awarded to Gibson and Mitchell for their bid of $87,075.

N. Sacramento, Cal., Considers Water Supply Purchase— The chamber of commerce of Sacramento, Gal., is considering the plan for the purchase of the distribution system and thus creating a separate utility. The city engineer suggested that the city own and operate an independent water system.

Girard, Ala., Improves Water System — The Alabama Water Company has just completed improvements to the water works system of Girard, Ala. The new additions consists of a filtration plant, clear water reservoir and 150,000-gallon standpipe. a 60,000-gallon reservoir and a booster pumping station.

Clinton, Ia., Plans Roof Over Reservoir—The water works company’ of Clinton, Ia., is planning the construction of a roof over the reservoir. The company had the alternative of covering the reservoir or of constructing steel tanks and decided on the former plan. It is believed that the improvement will be completed by April.

Pottsville, Pa., Reservoir About Completed—The reservoir constructed by the Pottsville, Pa., water company at Indian Run is about completed. The reservoir will have a capacity of 800,000,000 gallons. Since the present improvement is far in excess of the present needs of the community, it is probable that water will be supplied to Schuylkill Haven and Cressona.

Ft. Collins, Col., Awards Pipe Contract—The council of Fort Collins, Col., awarded the following contracts for pipe to be used in the city’s contemplated water works improvements: United States Cast Iron & Foundry Co., for 6 to 16-inch pipe; Lowell-Moore Hardware Company for 20-inch and 24-inch pipe. The total amount of pipe purchased is approximately 70,000 feet.

Staunton, I11., Awards Water Works Contract—The city council of Staunton, I11., awarded a contract for the construction of the water works system to Cole and Sauber, contractors of Marion, for their bid of $229,936. The reservoir for the new system will be situated one and one-half miles northeast of the city. It is believed that the construction will start early in the spring.

Newport Beach, Cal., to Construct Water Works—Plans are being made for the erection of a water works system in Newport Beach., Cal., at a cost of $350,000. The work will include the erection of a 3,000,000-gallon concrete reservoir, a storage tank and the laying of many miles of redwood stave and cast iron water mains. It is hoped to have the project completed before the summer season sets in.

Chicago, I11., Approves Meter Fund—The finance committee of Chicago, I11., recommended the approval of a fund of $1,050,000 for the inauguration next year of the water meter program. Of the recommended amount, $650,000 will be spent for installation and $400,000 for meters. This figure is less than $300,000 requested by Commissioner of Public Works Sprague. It is estimated that the complete metering of the city will require ten years and will cost $12,000,000.

Boone, Ia., Electrifies Plant—The electrification of the water works plant at Boone, Ia., has just been completed and the tests which were made in the presence of the city officials were satis factory. The new plant supersedes the steam plant which was erected during the period 1911-12. The steam plant will be retained as reserve equipment. It is expected that the electrification of the water works will save the city about $2,000 a year in upkeep for the first five-year period and $4,000 a year for the next five-year period.

Contracts Let for Huntington Beach, Cal., System—Con tracts have been awarded or the construction of the water works system at Huntington Beach, Cal. The awards total $280,000. The contract for the 50,000-gallon elevated steel tank was awarded to the Chicago Bridge and Iron Company; laying wood-stave pipe lines to the Pacific Tank and Pipe Company for $61,246. The contract for the construction of the 3,000,000gallon reservoir has not as yet been let. In September $350,000bonds were voted for the financing of this work.



Vernon, Wash., to Extend Mains—The water mains will be extended in Vernon, Wash.

New Tank for Humboldt, Tenn.—The foundations are being laid in Humboldt, Tenn., for a reserve water tank.

Watertown, Tenn., Installs Water System—A new water works system is being installed in Watertown, Tenn.

Standpipe in Lebanon, Ill., Completed—The new standpipe of Lebanon, Ill., has been recently completed.

Bragg City, Mo., Installs Water Works—A new water-works system is being installed in Bragg City, Mo.

Water Rates Increased in Medford, Ore.—The water rates were increased 25 per cent in Medford, Ore.

Work Started on Auburn, Wash., Water System—Rapid progress has been made on the construction of the water works system in Auburn, Wash.

New Water System for Booneville, Miss.—A new water works system is now in the course of construction in Booneville, Miss., at a cost of $60,000.

Sioux City, la., Lays Large Main—A 12-inch main was recently laid in Sioux City, Ia., and replaces a main which was laid thirty feet deep.

New Water Superintendent for Elkhart, Ind.—J. R. Stephenson has been appointed as water works superintendent for Elkhart, Ind.

Water Improvement for Development Near St. Petersburg—A water works system is planned for the development on Pass-a-Grille Island near St. Petersburg, Ela.

Waverly, Ia., Water Approved—The quality of the water of Waverly, Ia., was approved by the state bacteriologist. There was a local epidemic of intestinal flu, the cause of which was attributed by many to the quality of the water.

Phoenix City, Ga., Prevented from Selling Bonds—A second injunction has been issued in an attempt to prevent Phoenix City, Ga., from selling the $125,000 bond issue for improvement of the water works.

Steamboat Springs, Col., Improves Water Works—A number of 12-inch valves have been installed in the Steamboat Springs, Col., water works system and additional water mains have been laid.

Tampa, Fla., Water Works Show Profit—The operation of the water works system of Tampa, Fla., under municipal control since June 1 shows a profit of $57,216—this in spite of the charge of §6,000 a month to cover bond interest.

New Head for Columbia, Pa., Water Company—John Westerman, vice president, has been elected president of the Columbia, Pa., water company to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Joseph Janson.

Savanna, Ill., to Inspect Homes for Leaks—A water works employee will visit the various homes in Savanna, Ill., to detect leaks in the water system. The troubles will be reported and if the leaks are not repaired, the water supply will be shut off.

Lorain, O., to Furnish Water to Nearby Village—An ordinance was enacted in Lorain, Ohio, whereby the city will furnish Sheffield Lake village with water for a period of ten years.

Ohio to Continue Making Camp Water Supply Safe—Engineers of the health department of Ohio, will continue their work to safeguard the water supply at tourist camps and resorts so that Ohio will be one of the best “outdoor” states.

Blanchester, O., Filter Plant Completed—The filtration plant of Blanchester, Ohio, is now completed and is open for inspection. Water is pumped into a coagulation basin which holds 110,000 gallons.

New Water Superintendent for Evanston, Ill.—W. W. Polk, a 1918 graduate of the University of Illinois, has been appointed superintendent of the water works system at Evanston, Ill.

Wathena, Kans., Receives Water Pipe—The first carload of pipe for the city water works system arrived recently and with the advent of favorable weather, most of the work is expected to be completed by spring.

Laboratory Added to Pekin, Ill., Water Works—A new brick building which will be used as a laboratory is being erected by the Pekin, Ill., water works company. In addition the building will contain the chlorinating equipment.

Muskegon. Mich., Hears Water Plans—At a meeting of the city council of Muskegon, Mich., plans were discussed for the construction of a filtration plant and the supply of water from Bear Lake.

Niles, O., to Standardize Fire Hydrants—The thread of the fire hydrants in Niles, Ohio, will be rechased to conform with the National standard thread. The work will be done under the supervision of the Ohio Inspection Bureau.

Applewold, Pa., to Purchase Water Works—The borough council of Applewold, Pa., decided to purchase the property of the Franklin Water Company which supplies water to the suburbs.

New Water Works for Staunton, Ill.—Early in the spring, work will start on the construction of a new water works system for Staunton. Ill. The present city reservoir was purchased by the Consolidated Coal Company and they have agreed to permit the city to use it for two years.

Rahway, N. J., to Remodel Water Works—Plans are being made to remodel the water works system in Rahway, N. J., at an estimated cost of $163,000 in accordance with recommendations made by Hazen and Whipple, consulting engineers. The work will start in the spring.

Coos Bay, Ore., Water Company Approves Expenditures— The board of directors of the Coos Bay, Ore., water company approved an expenditure of $93,000—of this amount $60,000 is for the construction of a filtration plant which it is expected will be completed in March.

Gooding, Ida., Takes Over Water System—The water works system in Gooding, Ida., is now under municipal control. At a meeting of the council, consideration was given to the plan for drilling test wells—the city will lease the machinery and dig the wells themselves.

Everett Chamber of Commerce Discusses Water—The water situation in Everett, Wash., was discussed at the dinner of the iocal chamber of commerce. Consideration was given to the problem from the standpoint of the gravity and the filtration plans.

Plan Large St. Louis Merger—Plans are being made for the merger of the West St. Louis Water and Light Company and the West St. Louis Line Company to form a new $5,750,000 corporation. The consolidation is subject to the approval of the Missouri public service corporation.

Mahoning City. Pa., Water Company Sues Railroad—The Mahoning, Pa., water company brought suit against the Schuylkill Railways Company for the electrolysis damage to their water mains which is alleged resulted from the leakage of electricity at the bonded joints.

Waukegan, Ill., to Inspect Water Works Plants—The officials of Waukegan, Ill., voted to send their engineers, M. J. Douthitt and M. L. Miller, to inspect the water works system of such cities as Buffalo, N. Y., Tonawanda, N. Y., Cleveland, O., Detroit and Highland Park, Mich.

Covington, Ky., Increases Reserve Water Supply—The level of the water in the reservoir at Ft. Thomas which supplies water to Covington, Ky., has been increased by replacing the 10,000,000-gallon pump back into service. The pump was out of service to allow repair to a cracked cylinder.

Arbitration Board for Victoria, B. C.—The legislature of Victoria, B. C., will be asked to vote on the plan for the formation of an arbitration board to settle all disputes in reference to the water situation. The water rates will be fixed so that the financial return will be five per cent above and free of all operating expenses.

Bend, Ore., Reservoir Develops Leak—A large leak developed as a result of a cave-in of the floor of the reservoir at Bend, Ore. This new hole is 37 feet in depth and is the largest of a series of holes above a subterranean cavern. The Tumal reservoir proved to be almost worthless after its construction due to leaks.

Girard, Ala., Completes Water Improvements—The improvements in the water system of Girard, Ala., financed by the Alabama Water Company at a cost of $76,000 and which required eight months to install, have just been completed. The city now is supplied with filtered water, the distribution system has been extended and the water pressure has been improved.

Advocates Filter Plant for Lowell, Wash.—As a result of a survey by the Everett, Wash., chamber of commerce of the success of the operation of a filtration plant in other cities, the construction of a filtration plant in Lowell to solve the water supply problem of Everett, has been advocated by the commerce board. The plan contemplates the construction of a 10,000,000-gallon filtration plant on the west bank of the Snohomish river at Lowell.