Waterbury Fire Department News

Waterbury Fire Department News

(From Our Special Correspondent)

Fire department members of Waterbury, Conn., to the number of fifty, entertained members of the Sandland City government at Fire Headquarters on Saturday evening, February 1, last, with a dinner. The affair was known as a testimonial two-platoon dinner and was attended by a number of leading citizens, as well as prominent men in the city government. Waterbury firemen expect the adoption of the two platoon on July 1st next, and the dinner was given in anticipation of this event, plus the increase in wages alloted at the first of the year. Waterbury first grade firemen are now paid $1,700 per annum, with $1,600 for second grade men and $1,500 for first year men. The pay of the captain is $2,000 per annum, with $1,800 for lieutenants. The salary of the chief is $3,600, with $2,500 for the deputies and $2,400 for the superintendent of fire alarm.

The Waterbury department has 116 permanent members on its roll, with 40 more to be appointed in June, and 30 additional in September, when three new companies are to be organized.

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