Waterloo Superintendent Retires

Waterloo Superintendent Retires

A high tribute was paid to the long service of J. P. Berry as superintendent of the Waterloo, la., water works at a meeting of the board of trustees. Mr. Berry has asked to be relieved from his duties. The following resolution was adopted.

Be it resolved by the board of waterworks trustees: In view of the fact that John P. Berry, after years of faithful service with the Waterloo water works, finds it necessary, on account of ill health, to relinquish his position as superintendent, we, the members of the hoard of trustees, wish to hereby acknowledge his long, faithful and honorable service to the city and citizens of Waterloo.

During the period of his association with the Waterloo waterworks, he has seen the city grow from a population of 5,000 to 38,000, and the water works plant, under his supervision, from an insignificant beginning to its present size, adequate for the needs of the city. It is with considerable regret that we comply with Mr. Beiry s request for relief from his duties as superintendent, i he Waterloo water works and the city of Waterloo aie greatly indebted to him for what he has accomplished. His knowledge and experience in water works matters have been invaluable, not only to Waterloo, but his advice has often been sought by other cities. His unfailing courtesy and desire to be of service has endeared him. not only to the members of the board, but to all people With whom he has come in contact. 11 is faithful public service should be an example for others. In severing his connection with the water works, we feel that we have each met a personal loss, but trust that after having a much needed rest, he will regain his former health and strength.





At a meeting of the board a new office was created, that of general manager, to have complete supervision of the plant. It was also voted to combine the offices of general manager and secretary and George It. Shoemaker was elected to fill the new position. Mr. Shoemakr has been secretarv of the water works for the past nine years, during which time the plant has been under city ownership. As such officer his annual reports, which have been audited by examiners from the state auditors office, have always been highly complimented, be was also connected with the office of the water plant for seven years while it was under private ownership. He is familiar with every phase of the work connected with the plant.

Members of the water works board stated no definite plans have yet been made for the season’s activities. It is not known at this time, they declared, what improvements or extensions would be made.

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