Waterworks Bids Opened.

Waterworks Bids Opened.

COLUSA, Cal.—Trustees have awarded the contract for the pipes and excavations, in connection with the new waterworks, to the Standard Engineering Co., for $31,857 and for the pumping plant and tower to F. C. Roberts Co., San Francisco, for $16,078.

Bids were opened last week for $275,000 water and school bonds of the city of Pittsfield. Mass. Blake Bros. & Co. secured the entire issue at $103.17, which nets the city $8,717.50 premium.

New boilers for pumping station B of the Tacoma. Wash., waterworks will he furnished by the Caldwell Bros. Co., whose bid of $2,300 has been accepted.

The bid of Frederick J. Mumnt, to lay a water main from the corner of Pearl and Genesee sts., through Pearl and Huron to Main st., Buffalo, N. Y., for $6,549, has been approved by the councilmen.

G. R. Gwillim, Canon City, will construct a system of waterworks for South Canon, at a cost of $50,000.

NEW YORK. X. Y.— Bids were opened by the Foard of water supply for the construction of a part of the Y’onkers siphon, which is to be built in this city. The specifications call for a deep pressure tunnel 16 feet 7 inches in diameter and about two miles long. They were referred to Commissioner Shaw for tabulation. The lowest bid. that of George W. Jackson, Inc., of Chicago, was $1,479,425. The highest bid was that of fireuchaml, Winston & Company, of Manhattan, $1,880,725. The hoard has rejected all the bids on contract No. 41. which called for the construction of two sluice gates, one in Mount Vernon and the other at Brown’s Station. They were rejected because the New Jersey Foundry and Machine Company, the lowest bidders, at $95,730. made a mistake in estimating on the various items The contract will he readvertised.

VANCOWER, B. C.—Bids were opened by S. Maddison. superintendent of waterworks, as follows: Four-inch cast-iron pipe—Canadian General IsleetHe Company, $11,760: A. J. For syth & Co.. $10,497.50; Robertson Godson Company. $8,477.50 and $8,445; C. F. Jackson & Co., $9,912.50: Flvans, Coleman & Evans, $9,600. all of Vancouver: Gartshore-Thomson Pipe Company. Hamilton, Out., $12,000; F. Hankin, Montreal. $9,587.50 and $8,562.50.

SAX FRANCISCO. Cal.—Contract for the Second and Townsend streets pumping station has been awarded to Chas. C. Moore & Company, of that city, at $190,000. Other bidders were Moore & Scott iron Works, $255,000, and Risdon Iron & Locomotive Works, $233,750, both of San F’rattcisco.

BROOKLYN, N. Y.—Contracts were awarded January 24, by the water department of Queens to the firm of Sweeney & Gray, of 81-85 Sixth avenue, Long Island City, for the driving of ten wells at the V liitestone pumping station in the Third ward.

SPRINGFIELD. Ill.—City council, on January 22, awarded contract for 300 water meters to the Badger Meter Company, State and Third streets, Milwaukee, Wis.

MARION, Kan.—The Squire Electric & Construction Company, of Kansas City, Kan., were the successful bidders on the waterworks and electric light plant. Their contract calls for the completion of the plant within four months.

NORFOLK, Va.—Bids were opened January 15, by the Board of Control for furnishing the city waterworks 255 tons of filter alum. Contract was awarded to Harrison Bros. & Company, Philadelphia, Pa., at 97 cents per cwt.

PHOENIX, Akiz.—The contract for the installation of an exciter water wheel in the Salt river irrigation project power house has been awarded to the S. Morgan Smitli Company, of York, Pa., at $1,740.

NEW YORK. N. Y.— Bids were recently opened by the Board of Water Supply for the Yonkers siphon, which is to he two miles long and sixteen feet seven inches wide inside. The lowest hid. $1,479,426, was submitted by George S. Jackson, Inc., of Chicago. The next lowest was that of T. A. Gillespie & Company, of New York, $1,591,330, and the next that of Patrick McGovern, Boston, $1,596,680. The highest bid was Branchaud, Winston & Company’s, $1,880,725.

PLAQUEMINE, La.—Bids were received by the town of Plaquemine for a new waterworks plant, consisting of two 80-horse-power boilers and a 50.000-gallon steel tower and tank, the tower to he 90 feet high. The contract was let to the Casey & Hedge’s Boiler Works, of Chattanooga, Tenn. Their contract calls for the completion of the plant in ninety days.

BEATRICE, Neb.—The Palmer Engineering Company, of Kansas City. Mo., has been awarded the contract by the city council of Beatrice, to put in a new waterworks system here.

COLUSA, Cai.,—The town trustees on January 18, let contracts for a new system of waterworks. The contract for the pumping plant, tank and tower was let to the F. C. Roberts Company, of San F’rancisco, for $16,078, while that for pipes and excavation was given to the Standard Engineering Company for $31,857.

SAN BENITO, Tex.—The San Benito Land and Water Company let the contract to the Fairbanks-Morse Company for the installation of a combination town water system and electric light and power plant.

Waterworks Bids Opened.

Waterworks Bids Opened.

COLUSA, CAL.—Town trustees opened bids for a new waterworks, of which a number were presented, The board took them under consideration and will report at a later date.

SAN FRANCISCO, CAL.—The contract for the auxiliary fire system pumping station at Second and Townsend streets was awarded, by the board of Public works, to C. C. More & Co., of that city.

TAUNTON, MASS.—The board of water commissioners has signed the contract for the extension of the Taunton water mam across the line into the town of Dighton. The other party to the contract is the Mount Hope Finishing Company, which already owns a system of pipes ana hydrants in the village of North Dighton.

STORM LAKE, IA., has let a contract for the construction of a system of waterworks that will cost upwards of $31,000.

SOUTH CANON, COLO., has entered into an arrangement with G. R. Gwillim, of Canon City for the construction of a system of waterworks. The money for the building of the system has been furnished by Thomas C. Pease, of Colorado Springs. It will cost $50,000.

LATASAUQUA, PA., has awarded the contract for a municipal water supply system to George H. Gardner, of Allentown, Pa. A bond issue of $80,000 was authorized for this purpose at the last spring election.

DETROIT, MICH.—Bids for pumping machinery for Park View sewage pumping station were received as follows Keating Brothers. $122,450; Camden Iron Works, $112,500, and Allis Chalmers Company, $118,900.