Waterworks Litigations.

Waterworks Litigations.

The United States Supreme Court has dismissed, for lack of jurisdiction, the suit of the Vicksburg Waterworks Company for an injunction to restrain the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad Company from installing and operatits own private water plant in the city of Vicksburg, Miss.

The Court of Errors and Appeals of New Jersey has upheld a judgment recovered by the Montclair Water Company against the town of Montclair under the contract by which the company agreed to furnish water for certain city purposes in consideration of a sum equal to the annual taxes for the current year assessed upon the franchise and real and personal property of the company actually used in connection with the business of supplying water. The company sued to recover an amount equal to the tax assessed by the State for the year 1908 against the company under the franchise tax act of 1900. The only question involved was whether by the true construction of the agreement, the tax thus assessed was a part of the stipulated compensation for the water service. The court held that it was not.

Suit has been commenced in circuit court by the Appleton Waterworks Company, Wis., to set aside and vacate the order of the railroad commission according to which the company must sell its plant to the city of Appleton for $225,-000. The water company sets forth that at a special election, held August 23, 1910, the majority voted for the purchase of the plant and that on Dec. 7, 1910, the railroad commission fixed the price of the property at $225,000. Among the reasons why the company is dissatisfied with the order are the following: Because it never consented to the sale of the plant; because the commission was without jurisdiction, power or authority to determine the price; because the price is much less than a fair and true value of the property.

Seeking to bring about a speedy settlement of the suit of the Old Colony Trust Company of Boston against the Flelena, Mont., Waterworks Company, instituted more than a year ago, T . C. Power, who controls approximately $290,000 worth of bonds and bond scrip of the concern, has filed a petition in the Federal Court asking that a judgment and decree be entered and the property disposed of under direction of the court, thus saving the bond and stockholders irreparable injury and loss.

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