Waterworks Manufacturers’ Association.

Waterworks Manufacturers’ Association.

The second annual report of the executive committee, including the treasurer’s report, of this association has been issued. It says the year just closed has been a most successful one for our association, showing, among other things, an increase in membership of nine over last year, the total membership now being sixty-one.

The annual meeting of our association was held at the Hotel Grunewald, New Orleans, on April 27, during the week of the convention. Thirtyone members were present, and in accordance with the by-laws five members were elected to the executive committee, replacing five of the members whose term expired. The following members were elected for a period of three years: The New York Continental-Jewel! Filtration Co., Chapman Valve Manufacturing Co., National Meter Co., R. D. Wood & Co., H. Mueller Manufacturing Co. The executive committee for the present fiscal year is: A. P. Smith Manufacturing Co., Mersey Manufacturing Co., Standard Asphalt and Rubber Co., Rensselaer Valve Co., International Steam Pump Co., Waterworks Equipment Co., Chapman Valve Mfg. Co., National Meter Co., Allis-Clialmers Co., H. Mueller Mfg. Co., Central Foundry Co., Pittsburg Meter Co., R. D. Wood & Co., Neptune Meter Co., and New York Continental-Jewell Filtration Co.

At a meeting of the executive committee, held subsequent to the annual meeting, the following officers were elected to assume office January 1, 1911: Fred A. Smith (Neptune Meter Co.), president; John C. Kelley, Jr. (National Meter Co.), vice-president; Robert E. Milligan (New York Continental-Jewell Filtration Co.), treasurer.

With reference to next year’s entertainment the report says: “Upon application to the executive committee of the American Water Works Association we were accorded the entertainment and exhibit privileges for their next convention to be held at Rochester in the spring of 1911.” The treasurer’s statement for the fiscal year ending July .31, 1910, shows a balance on hand at that date of $1,889.54. In consideration of this balance on hand the executive committee has decided to reduce the dues for 1911 to twenty-five dollars. The report is very satisfactory and reflects much credit upon the officers of the association.

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