Waytek Launches Updated Web Site

MINNEAPOLIS, MN–Waytek, Inc., a supplier of electrical supplies for the mobile equipment industries, has launched its new Web site. The new site adds additional elements of functionality and convenience, to meet the needs of customer requests.
The new site combines many of the best functions of the previous site with updated search capabilities, enhanced shopping cart functionality, order tracking, customized supply lists and order history, to help users shop more efficiently.

“The site is designed for our customers who want online ordering convenience at their finger-tips,” said Bob Lamoreaux, President, Waytek, Inc. “By providing the online functionality of this new site, our customers have access to their account’s supply lists with the most common products they order, tracking and re-order information, making their job easier.”

Waytek, Inc. has redesigned its Web site to be more user-friendly with enhanced ability to search its more than 10,000 products, provide detailed descriptions on more products, product photos, data sheets and accurate stock quantities/information. “Our customers have told us that this information is important and will help them make important buying decisions,” Lamoreaux said.
Plans for the Web site have been ongoing for several months, and initially began with surveying customers to determine what features they want to see, and what is helpful to them.
Along with technical updates, Waytek, Inc. has also dedicated the home page to the latest new electrical supplies. A rotating graphic at the top of the page shows some of the most popular, featured and new products of the week. “Products are added to provide solutions to customer supply needs,” Lamoreaux said. “We pride ourselves on having parts in stock, or being able to source products, for any electrical need.”

For more information, visit www.waytekwire.com.

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