We Are Growing Old Together

We Are Growing Old Together

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and its readers are growing old together. Not so much old in years as old in experience and in knowledge of the field we serve.

THE grey heads are not always the wise heads, but it is a safe bet that any one who starts in early enough using FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING for what there is in it will be wise before he is grey.

Here’s How!

HOW do our readers feel about it? Well, here, for example, is part of a letter just received from Bill Edwards, “Capt. Wm. J.,” of the Newark department. He says:

“The wealth of knowledge gained through constant reading of your ‘medium of success,’ as I call FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, is bound sooner or later to bring results. Wholeheartedly l should recommend to any one connected in any way with fire matters or water supply engineering problems, and who is serious as to his future, to subscribe immediately; for in my opinion the time is not far off when conditions will demand a more thorough understanding of the profession, particularly that important element of it dealing with Prevention, which is fast and rightfully superseding Extinguishment.”

RIGHT, Friend Bill, every word of it! And that is the spirit that leads to success. Know any one whom we can help by mailing a few sample copies?

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