We Salute the New Arrivals!

We Salute the New Arrivals!

THE other day the Continental Village Fire Department was “born.” An historic name for a fire organization, located in historic Putnam County, N. Y.

  • There’s no particular reason for singling out this newcomer to the Fire Service, except to point out the fact that scarcely a day passes but what a new fire department comes into being, somewhere in these United States. And incidentally, although several hundred such departments are “born” annually, you never hear of a fire department disbanding and going out of business!
  • To all these neophytes of the Fire Service and their eager, enthusiastic members, a salute, and our best wishes for “successful fire fighting.”

We remind all you “probies” that every going fire department in our nation had to make a start sometime. And few of them had the opportunity to be launched under such favorable conditions as are found by these “Continental Village” fire forces. You gentlemen can build upon the experience and knowledge of your predecessors. You have at your command a wealth of fire control facilities beyond the dreams of even the most visionary fire fighters of yesteryears. And you have at your call the continuing story of how those facilities are being employed in the great fight against fire, right here in the pages of the magazine you are reading!

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