Webb Motor Fire-Fighting Machinery.

Webb Motor Fire-Fighting Machinery.

Prince Albert, Sask., Canada, has contracted with the Webb Motor Fire Apparatus Company of St. Louis, Mo., for a special design motor combination chemical engine and hose car. The conditions of fire fighting in Sashatchawan are a little different from ordinary, and Chief Wagner has, therefore designed a special apparatus to meet the requirements. The Webb Company is well fitted to build special designed apparatus, and undoubtedly this ear will bring to the fore many new ideas for the construction of ears of this type.

The Webb Motor Fire Apparatus Company recently delivered to Shelbyville, Ky., one of its combination chemical and hose motor cars, mounted on a new designed Webb chassis, and embracing many other improved features. With Hi men the car was driven 12 miles to Eminence, and arrived there in 26 minutes actual driving time. Returning to Shelbyville, a 22 mile drive was made, carrying 18 men, in one hour and three minutes. On this trip it climbed Four-Mile Hill, which is 1 3-4 miles long, and from 7 to 12 per cent grade all the way; at the top of the hill the car was making 32 miles an hour. Its performance under the extreme condition of load and road was highly complimented by the City officials.


The Webb Motor Fire Apparatus Company has made a contract with the city of Princeton, N. J., for a No. 2 Webb motor fire engine. The apparatus will carry pumps of the rotary type, and is guaranteed to throw more th in its rated capacity of 600 gallons of water per minute.


Herewith are shown pictures of a Webb Aerial truck with ladder in a horizontal position and a man weighing 173 pounds seated on it, together with a number of machines shipped in one day front the Webb factory in St. Louis. The apparatus shown in the illustration, consists of a Webb Aerial truck, city service truck, high pressure hose wagon, No. 1, new pumping engine and a chemical and hose wagon. Ihe photograph was taken on December 4th, when the machines were ready for shipment, and it certainly shows a full line of modern motor apparatus. It is stated that the Webb Company has over forty machines in its shops at the present time, almost ready for shipment to purchasers.

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