Webb Motor Test at Newark.

Webb Motor Test at Newark.

On the 13th instant several very successful tests of the Webb motor fire engine, recently delivered to the city of Newark, N. J., were given before a large number of interested spectators. The illustration shows the engine taking suction from the canal through 10 feet of pipe. The stream is 1 1/2 inches, thrown through siamesed line of two 50 foot lengths of hose, the engine pumping 605 gallons a minute. Following is a full list of the tests:

No. 1. Two lines, 300 feet each, 2 1/2-inch hose, using two 1 1/8-inch smooth bore nozzles; pressure at nozzles, 60 pounds; 440 gallons per minute.

No. 2. T wo 50-foot lines, siamesed into deluge set, 1 1/2-inch nozzles; pressure at nozzles, 82 pounds; 605 gallons.

No. 3. Two 50-foot lines, siamesed into deluge set, with 1 3/4-inch nozzles; 58 pounds at nozzle; average discharge, 692 gallons per minute.

No. 4. Two 50-foot lines, siamesed into deluge set. with 2-inch nozzle; 38 pounds pressure; 735 gallons.

No. 5. Two hours’ endurance run through one line 600 feet, using 1 1/8inch nozzle; average pressure at nozzle during entire run, 60 pounds. All records taken by the master mechanic of the Newark tire department, and the tests were under the supervision of A. Sloan, chief of fire department, and D. A. Woodhouse, Fastern agent ot the Webb Motor Fire Apparatus Company.

Engine was immediately accepted and placed in service in the Vailshurg district.

Mayor Heitzman, fire Commissioners Webber, Lcg.o, Stratton and Burke expressed themselves highly pleased, as the tests exceeded contract requirements. I he following spectators were present: Commissioners Collins, Coxe and Kertz, and Chief Gerstung, of Elizabeth; Chief Williams. Montclair; Chief Bowker, Passaic; Chief Shea. Madison. Members of the tiro board from Englewood, Irvington and Orange. East Orange, together with Chief Markwith, also representatives from Westfield, Kearney. Plainfield, Cranford, Trenton and Jersey City. N. J.

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