TO the former readers of FIRE PROTECTION who will now regularly receive FIRE ENGINEERING (a consolidation of both publications as announced last month) we extend a hearty welcome.

  • If you liked FIRE PROTECTION, we know you are going to like FIRE ENGINEERING considerably more. In the one magazine you will now get everything worthwhile that appeared before in both—and then some, as time goes on. The regular FIRE ENGINEERING subscription rates prevail—$2 for one year or $3 for 2 years—which means a definite saving for those who subscribed to the two papers, and an added measure for everyone else.
  • More than sixty years of close and intimate contact with the problems of the fire service gives our organization a priceless background of experience upon which to draw. What we have is all yours. Count on us to serve you to the best of our ability—and with a renewed enthusiasm.
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For The Fireman’s Journal.

HAIL! little sheet; at last you’ve come.

After years of tiresome waiting.

Stand back, and give the JOURNAL room, Likewise a hearty greeting.

No “corners” in weeklies now we’ll own.

But a weekly all for “vamps

In whose columns will be shown Items devoid of “clamps.”

Originality seems its forte ;

To maintain it we will aid ;

Knowing its chiefs can’t be bought To puff what’s long been “ played.”

Wisdom, too, routs the fogy thought,

Its advice is of modern rank ;

New improvements wisely wrought,

The JOURNAL’S columns must thank.

Then never “ take up ” our little own,

But give the “ wash ” to all ;

A new era for us now is shown,

And we’ll answer your every call.