The town council of Scranton, Miss., awarded Geo. W. Gager of Pass Christian, Miss, the contract for boring an aitesian well in the central part of Scranton. The purpose of the well is to supply the citizens a good supply of water in ease of fire. It is a step in the right direction, as Scranton has long been a sufferer from a deficient water supply.

The water committee of Lock Haven, Pa., have concluded to sink a well at the river bank, where the pump is now stationed. Members of the committee think that pure water can be secured by this plan.

The new well that the West Hrooklyn (N. Y.) Water Company is working at bids fair to be one of the finest in town. A huge steam pump will be placed in it and the supply of water will be adequate for all putposes.

The artesian well near the Blackstone (Mass.) cotton mills is progressing finely. It has now attained the depth of forty feet, where solid rock is reached.

Preparations have been made to bore another aitesian well at Highland Park, Pa., on the north side of the pavillion.


The present well furnishes good water, but its capacity is not sufficient.

Artesian wells are getting quite numerous in Lowell, Mass. One has just been completed at Brook’s saw mill on the upper river bank, a good supply for drinking purposes being easily obtained by the contractors, Wallace & Lavallee. Then the same men are drilling one at Atherton’s, and the Cook Company is finishing up work on the city wells at the city (arm. One well is yielding a wonderful quantity of water, and strange to say the men w’ho put in the well, findmg it did not yield started to pull it up. After raising it several feet the water poured in and it has given the greatest supply of any well, l’he campers at Nanamocomuc, Winn’s bluff, on the upper river, drove their ninth well on Monday, and succeeded in finding a big supply. Another camp on the river has just sunk a well with good success, at a depth of thirty feet.

The work of sinking an artesian well at Bushy Point, Conn., has been commenced. The well will be sunk to a depth of 200 feet, insuring a good supply of cool water for the thirsty visitors of that island this summer.

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