Well Drilling.

Well Drilling.

—The Keeler artesian well near Wessington Springs, Dak., is developing into a wonder. A short time ago the well gave promise of being an oil spouter, but since then a strong flow of salt water was struck at a depth of 525 feet. From twelve quarts of water four ounces of pure white salt were taken. In all probability the effort to secure a flow for irrigating purposes will be abandoned and a salt factory established instead.

—At latest accounts the artesian well at Portland, Ore., had been sunk 175 feet through solid rock.

—The State artesian well at the lunatic asylum at Austin, Tex., is 1280 feet deep.

— Moscow, S. D., has an artesian well 115 feet deep, that flows 18,000 gallons of water per hour.

—The artesian well at the Bridgewater (Mass.) State Farm is a success. It was sunk tw’o hundred feet before a good water supply was found.

The artesian water on the outskirts of Fernandina, F’la., is reported to have an odor and taste of the pipes which render it unfit for use.

—The Mason County Oil and Gas Company, lately reported as organized at New Haven, W. Va., has elected J. W. S. Sheppard, president; H. E. Spillman, vice-president, and D. L. F. Roush, secretary. It has purchased leases of 12,000 acres of oil lands in Mason county and will sink wells. The capital stock is $100,000.

—Preston & Co. will sink an oil well at Mannington, W. Va.

—The Frog Pond Co. has been organized at Mannington, W. Va., to sink oil wells.

—At Gilby, N. D., water has been struck in an artesian well at a depth of 212 feet,

—Artesian well boring is quite a success at Marrisville, Utah, where Bishop P. G. Taylor has had two wells sunk to a depth of nearly 300 feet and has struck a stream of ninety gallons per hour.

—A county artesian well is to be drilled at Hubbard City, Hill county, Tex.

—An effort is being made at Apalachicola, Fla., to organize a stock company to sink an artesian well and establish a system of water-works.

—The artesian well at the brewery at Macon. Ga., is down 105 feet. No rock has been encountered in the descent, and the deepest stratum is of white clay.

—The Troy (Ala.) Water-works Company is sinking new wells under the direction of G. H. Leland of Providence, Rhode Island.

—J. H. Hobbs, Anton Reyman, J. F. Sweeney and others have incorporated the Windsor Oil and Gas Company at Wheeling, W. Va.

—The Tygarts Valley Oil and Mineral Company has let contract for the sinking of an oil well at Philippi, W. Va.

Well Drilling.

Well Drilling.

—The artesian well at Maj. Lewis Ginter’s country seat, “Westbrook,” near Richmond, Va., has been bored to the depth of three hundred feet.

—A fine flow of artesian water has been struck on the farm of Calvin Fletcher, at Spencer, Ind. The flow is estimated at 180 barrels per hour.

—J. C. Build & Co. are boring an artesian well at Wiscasset, Me. They are down about sixty feet and have already a fair flow.

—B. S. Partridge has just completed an artesian well for T. Organ of Orange Park, Fla., which is 350 feet deep and has a flow of 300 gallons per minute of pure, soft water of a temperature of 73 degrees.

—The artesian well at Uniontown, Ala., was at latest accounts still under way, but with no signs of luck ahead; $7200 has been expended, but the plucky citizens are not discouraged and are determined to have water,

—Advices from Huron, S. Dak., April 22, say: “Water was struck to-day in the artesian well on the Day-Harrison farm near this city. When down 815 feet the drill suddenly dropped, and immediately two streams of water, one three and the other four inches thick, shot through the pipes, going into the air from eighteen to twenty feet, flooding everything. Drilling continued to 825 feet, and it is likely will not go deeper, as the flow and pressure are continually increasing. Several gangs of workmen with teams are ditching and preparing to irrigate the farm”

— McCrum & Ewing of Pittsburgh, Pa., have contracted to sink an oil well on H. S. Wilson & Sons’ land at Ellensboro, W. Va.

—The Bellevue Oil Company of Washington, Pa., will sink the oil wells on the land of Aaron Ruckman at Eureka, W. Va., previously mentioned.

—The Mount Linn Town Company has been organized at Waco. Tex., with a capital stock of $100,000, and has, it is reported, purchased 100 acres of land, and will sink artesian wells and make other improvements.

—A. R. Smith of Colorado City has received the contract to sink the artesian well lately mentioned as to be put down at Dallas, Tex.

—A company will probably be organizel at Brackettville, Tex., to sink gas wells. Miles Ott can give information.

—The Barboursville (Ky.) Land and Improvement Company has let contract to Reynolds & Co. of New Albany, Ind., to sink an artesian well.

—James R. Pringle of Butler, Pa., has leased 1040 acres of oil land at Glasgow, Ky., and will sink wells. Longabough & Gordon and Murray & Cole will also sink oil wells near Glasgow.

—The city council of Red Lake Falls, Minn., proposes to sink an artesian well.

—Says The Athol (Mass.) Transcript: “Messrs. Barrett & Webster, the contractors for artesian wells, have finished the job for the State of Massachusetts, at Bridgewater. They drove a six-inch well there 175 feet deep, which furnishes 500 gallons an hour, which was thought to be sufficient for their wants.”

—A dispatch from Miller, S. D., says: “The Keeler artesian well is going down slowly at the present time. A stratum of rock was struck at a depth of thirty feet, and the drill is still laboring in that tough article. About 150 feet is the depth at this time. The signs indicate that a regular gusher will be struck at about 1000 feet or less.”

—The Citizen’s Water Company, which has leased the South Denver (Col.) plant, intends sinking more wells and thus increasing the supply of water, It will get its supply from this source until the main line from the mountains is ready to furnish a still greater quantity.

—Work has been resumed on the artesian well at Northfield, Minn.