Westchester Chiefs Addressed by Ex-Chief Kenlon

Westchester Chiefs Addressed by Ex-Chief Kenlon

Ex-Chief John Kenlon, of the New York Fire Department, was the principal speaker at the final meeting for the season of the Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan, held at Fire Headquarters, Larchmont, N. Y., on Wednesday, June 17. The Plan was welcomed by Mayor Watson, of Larchmont.

President Wooley, who presided at his first meeting, then introduced Chief Kenlon, who spoke on the need for order and discipline in the Fire Department, whether paid or volunteer. He also urged the companies to maintain their espirit-de-corps, so that the people of the community will hold the Fire Department in respect and be proud of it. The keystone of success in a fire company is the obedience to orders at a fire. If this is not done, the organization will go to pieces. The officers must hold the respect of their men. Chief Kenlon also spoke of the necessity for calls for outside assistance to come from one in authority, to avoid confusion at large fires.

Chiefs Gibson, Mount Vernon, and Grabb, New Rochelle, spoke of their Fire Schools and invited any of the officers present to attend the schools. A member brought up the question of injury to a visiting officer. The matter was referred to Judge Hoop.

The next mecing night was announced as Wednesday, October 21, place of meeting to be decided later. There was an attendance of 95, and the average attendance for the year, according to the Sergeant-at-Arms, was 80.

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