Westchester Chiefs Discuss First Aid

Westchester Chiefs Discuss First Aid

A largely attended and interesting meeting of the Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan was held at Fire Headquarters. Mount Vernon, N. Y., at 8:30 p.m., on January 18. Following the regular order of business, the President, Chief Arthur K. Steuhl, Eastchester Township, N. Y., called upon Judge Coop, of Bronxville, for a report of the Committee on Unemployment. Judge Coop said that some eighteen or twenty laws of interest to firemen had been drafted for presentation to the New York State Legislature, and among them was one taking care of the compensation of unemployed volunteer firemen. At present the unemployed fireman receives no compensation for injuries, but the new bill, which was sure to become a law, provides for a certain percentage of benefit.

Four new members of the Plan were elected from Larchmont, N. Y.

Treasurer Riviere reported a balance in the bank of $498.73.

A demonstration of an automatic fire alarm, known as the hire Finder, was given by Mr. McDonald, of the Automatic Fire Detecting Company, of New York City. This is a foreign invention, based upon the action of heat-sensitive silver wires, which detect any sudden rise in temperature and sound an alarm.

Dr. William J. Fenton, head of First Aid Department of the National Red Cross then gave a very instructive talk on first aid to the injured. He said that he had spent a month in Westchester County in teaching classes of instructors. He told of the national work of his department in all parts of the United States, and emphasized the fact that firemen throughout the land were taking a keen interest in the acquiring the principles of first aid. Dr. Fenton stressed the importance of calling the doctor at once in case of injury. The first aider, he said, only filled the gap between the time of the injury and the arrival of the surgeon. In calling the doctor, it was important to tell where and who the patient is, the sex, the nature of the injury or ailment, and all the facts possible, so that the physician may come prepared to attend promptly to the case. He called special attention to the necessity for using half-strength iodine, or some other antiseptic, promptly, when the skin is broken.

Dr. Fenton demonstrated the approved method of stopping the bleeding from a blood vessel in different parts of the body, using Capt. Yates, Director, First Aid and Life Saving, Westchester Chapter, Red Cross, as the subject. The address was discussed by Ex-Chief Mulcahey, Yonkers, Chief Brennan, of Pelham Manor, and Captain Yates. A rising vote of thanks was given Dr. Fenton for his talk.

Mayor Bateman, of Mt. Vernon, extended a welcome to the members, and James W. Armstrong, Building Superintendent, Yonkers, read an interesting paper on the proposed building code for Westchester County. There was considerable discussion on the subject and, on motion of Judge Hoop, a committee, consisting of Chiefs Chambers, Brennan and Gibson, was appointed to cooperate on the matter.

On invitation of Chief Brennan, it was decided to meet next in Pelham Manor, on Wednesday. February 15, at 8 p.m.

Refreshments were served through the courtesy of the Mount Vernon Fire Department.

Bids presented for the construction of a new fire station in Charleston, S. C., were considered too high.

Chief Ralph J. Scott of Los Angeles has decided to give a special course in his Fire College covering high voltage lines. It will be given in cooperation with the Municipal Bureau of Power and Light. About three hundred officers will attend the course.

A firemen’s school will be held in Manning. Ia., on October 18. Talks will be given by John Strohm, State Fire Marshall; Capt. Jurgeson, Capt. Linquist and Harry Corcoran of Des Moines, and others. Members of the Carroll Fire Department will assist the local firemen in conducting the school.

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