Westchester Chiefs Discuss Inflammables

Westchester Chiefs Discuss Inflammables

The subjects of Inflammables and Irritants; Discipline in the Volunteer Fire Department and Ventilation were treated in three papers read before the regular meeting of the Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan. Treasurer Riviere reported that Manor, N. Y., on the evening of Wednesday, November 21. The President, Chief Earl Krows, of Hastings, who presided, called upon Mayor Lester H. Graves, to welcome the members. There was a large delegation present, headed by President Knickerbocker, from the Fairfield County, Conn., Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan. Treasurer Riviere reported that the financial affairs of the Plan were in greatly improved condition, and that the defunct Larchmont bank had recently paid a dividend of ten per cent of the amount due, with a possible prospect of payment in full at a later day. Secretary Dawkins read a number of proposed changes in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Plan, which were laid over until the next meeting for adoption.

Leo Lieberman, Chief Chemist, Bureau of Combustibles, of the New York Fire Department, spoke interestingly on the subject of Inflammables and Irritants in the Work of the Fireman. He pointed out the various hazards that the fireman is apt to meet in fires where chemicals are involved, such as refrigerators, air conditioning, dry cleaning establishments, chlorine gas, nitro-cellulose X-ray film, etc. He described the various new chemicals used in these industries, and the hazards that are to be guarded against in handling fires where they are involved or where leaks have to be stopped. Several members asked questions of Mr. Lieberman, which he answered. At the conclusion of his address he was given a vote of thanks and was elected an Honorary Member of the Plan.

The second speaker of the evening was Robert H. Lockwood, Associate Editor of FIRE ENGINEERING, who, at the request of the Educational Committee, repeated the paper read before the Fairfield Chiefs’ Plan last month on “Discipline in Its Relation to Efficiency in the Volunteer Fire Department.” Mr. Lockwood was tendered a vote of thanks at the conclusion of his paper.

A communication was received from the Rockland County Volunteer Firemen’s Association, enclosing a resolution passed by this association suggesting that all contests be eliminated from the volunteer firemen’s association meetings, and that the time given to such contests be devoted to the reading of technical papers. The resolution was received, but no action was taken.

The third paper of the evening was read by Chief Brennan, of the Pelham Manor Department, on “Ventilation,” being an address before the I. A. F. C. some time ago and published in pamphlet form by that association. The paper was discussed by Chief Chambers, Yonkers, and a vote of thanks was given Chief Brennan for presenting it.

On invitation of First Deputy Chief Charles A. Hagelston, of Larchmont, it was decided to hold the next meeting in that village on the evening of Wednesday, December 19. Refreshments were served after the meeting, by courtesy of the Pelham Manor Department.

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