Westchester Chiefs Discuss Many Topics

Westchester Chiefs Discuss Many Topics

Several instructive addresses were features of the regular meeting of the Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan, which took place at 8:30 p.m., on February 15, at Fire Headquarters, Pelham Manor, N. Y. There was a good attendance of Chiefs and other fire department officers present. The meeting was opened by President Steuhl, who called upon Mayor Lawrence F. Sherman to welcome the members. The Mayor stressed the importance of cooperation between the village or city authorities and the Chief of the Fire Department. He said that such cooperation was the keynote of the success of a municipality.

Several interesting and instructive addresses were made, the first of which was by George Swan, Office Engineer of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. His talk was on the uses of the various types of gas masks. He said that there had been apparent a reluctance of the older firemen to adopt the use of the gas mask, as they were not sure of its efficiency. This had gradually been overcome, as the device proved its worth. The speaker emphasized the importance of the men entering smoke filled buildings in pairs, for safety’s sake. He described the various forms of masks and oxygen breathing apparatus and their uses. He said that where the department was too small to afford a separate rescue company, the ladder truck was the best place to install the masks and the men of that company should be instructed thoroughly in their uses. There was considerable discussion of the address.

A description and demonstration of a portable electric light and power plant was next given by a representative of the Homelight Corporation, New York City. This consists of a small gasoline engine that can be carried by one man, operating a generator, which forms part of the unit, and which can be used for flood lighting. The apparatus can be taken off of the fire truck and transported to the spot where it is needed for lighting a fire, rescue or other purposes.

The next speaker was Mr. Schubert, of the Mohawk Electric Manufacturing Company, who showed a special rectifier, combining trickle charge with rectifier charge. There is, according to the speaker, a meter indicating circuit conditions and a choke coil, which eliminates the hum. The range is from one to 32 cells.

An excellent paper was read by Chief John J. Brennan. on “Modern Methods of Fire Fighting.” Chief Brennan treated the subjects of discipline, drills and training, handling of life hazards at fires, ventilation, interior exposure, cellar fires, shingle roof fires, salvage, care of hose, gas masks, first aid! etc. Tt was voted to incorporate the paper in the Plan’s minutes.

The Chairman urged early consideration of the annual dinner of the Plan. He appointed as the Nominating Committee Chiefs Towle, Griffin. Grabb and McCoullough.

On invitation of Chief McCoullough, it was decided to hold the next meeting in Portchester, at the house of the Washington Engine Company, on the evening of March 15 A buffet supper was served by the Pelham Manor Department at the close of the meeting.

Chief W. E. Nusbaum of Eugene, Ore., rounded out thirty years of service. He joined the service in 1903 as a volunteer fireman.

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