Well Attended Meeting of Chiefs’ Plan Held at Mount Vernon. N. Y.—Two Excellent Addresses Are Given—Chief Mulcahey Honored

TWO interesting addresses signalized the regular monthly meeting of the Westchester County, N. Y., Fire Chiefs Emergency Plan, which was held at Fire Headquarters, Mount Vernon, N. Y., at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 16, one of which was illustrated by moving pictures. The meeting, which was well attended, was called to order by the President, Chief D. Wiley Travis, of Peekskill. The Secretary-Treasurer reported a balance in the treasury of $395.21, with all bills paid to date.

The first address was by Leo Lieberman, Chief Chemist of the Bureau of Fire Prevention, New York Fire Department, who spoke on fire regulations in New York as regards electric and gas refrigerators and refrigeration plants, and on the regulating of the use and storage of inflammable X-ray films. The regulations in the big city as regards refrigerators using inflammable and irritant gases were, he said, very stringent. In large installations the units must be installed in vapor tight enclosures, as must also those in schools. In large installations remote control must also be provided for, and ventilation to the open air or, where this is impracticable, through an exhaust system, must be installed.

Of the various chemicals used in such refrigerators, he said that ammonia is highly explosive; sulphur dioxide and ethyl-chloride, highly irritant; butane and iso-butane, highly inflammable, and in the case of carbon dioxide, while nonexplosive, special safety valves must be installed, as high pressures are maintained.

Referring to the inflammable nitro-cellulose film used by physicians and in hospitals for X-ray work, Mr. Lieberman said that doctors disregard fire hazards and unless regulated, such films are exposed and are a serious danger to life and property. He referred to the tragedy in the Cleveland Clinic, and said that even before that event New York City had adopted stringent regulations for the use and storage of such dangerous films.

The second address was by Ralph H. Allen, District Manager of the International Fire Equipment Corporation. Mr. Allen described the principle upon which the Shur Line extinguishers operate, and showed two reels of moving pictures on fire extinguishment in homes, business houses, automobiles, etc.

There was some discussion on both of the addresses, which was followed by a round table talk on various subjects by the members. Chief Gibson spoke of the excellent course of instruction given by Captain Yates of the Red Cross in first aid and advised the Chiefs to take advantage of this for the benefit of their men. There is, he reminded them, no charge for this course, the only expense being the purchase of text books. Captain Yates added a few words, offering to cooperate with any departments which desired to inaugurate a class in first aid.

Ex-Chief Tames J. Mulcahev, of Yonkers, N. Y., was elected to Honorary Life Membership in the Plan, and it was decided to present this to him at a testimonial dinner to be given him at a later date. Arrangements for the dinner were left in the hands of Chief Steuhl, Chairman of the Entertainment Committee.

The Chair then introduced Chief Chambers, of Yonkers, and Chief Anderson, of Cos Cob, Conn., both of whom made short addresses.

On the invitation of Chief Rossner. of Chappaqua. N. Y., it was decided to hold the next meeting in that village, on Wednesday, January 20, 1932.

An excellent repast was given the members by Chief Gibson and his men after the meeting.

The Council of Hillsdale, Mich., voted to purchase fire apparatus at a cost of $10,300. The proposition was defeated at the annual spring election two years ago.

The members of the Eastchester Township Fire Department, including the villages of Bronxville and Tuckahoe, N. Y., in cooperation with the Paid Firemen’s Association of Eastchester, a newly formed organization, and the Recreation Commission, have assisted a number of families in want in the township, subscribing for this relief from their own salaries. The firemen are also reconstructing toys for poor children for Christmas.

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