Westchester “Plan” Meets in Fairview

Westchester “Plan” Meets in Fairview

The 93rd meeting of the Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan of Westchester County, N. Y., was held on the evening of January 18 at Fairview Fire Headquarters.

President Roi Woolley called upon former Chief Ryan, Fairview. to introduce the new Chief, Emil Suda, who, in turn presented Chairman of Commissioners Walter Lander. The Commissioner welcomed the Plan to Fairview and told how much it had done for his community. He introduced the new chief officers, First Assistant Chief McGovern and Second Assistant Chief William Clark.

Button Adopted by Westchester Plan

A handsome new “Question Box” was presented to the Plan. It was the work of Commissioner and First Vice-President William Livingston, Tarrytown, and was given into the custody of the Sergcant-at-Arms. Captain Falch. The Plan received promise of another handsome donation in the form of a replica of the bell used to call the first meeting of the organization to order, ten years ago. This gift will be presented by the giver, Captain Eugene Riviere, Larchmont, the Plan’s first Secretary-Treasurer.

Commissioner Earl Krows, Hastings, reported progress being made on the special financing of the Plan. About nine communities in the County are now Sustaining Members and others joining monthly. Commissioner Jahne, Pleasantville, reported on the various bills that will be presented before the legislature at Albany in this session, one of which will be the recommendation that all volunteer firemen next year be given “VF” license plates for their cars, as a means of easy identification. Chief Van de Water, Hastings, and Captain Howson, Bronxville, reported on the progress being made in the extension of the Plan’s activities to cover other emergencies, and on the almost entirely completed parkway protection for the County. Appreciation was voiced for the splendid cooperation of Parkway Commissioner Reynolds and the Parkway Police in bringing greater safety to users of the parkways, and to firemen who respond to emergency calls along the roads and highways. Shortly, there will be complete charts made for all fire companies guarding the various parkway systems. The system for parkway protection outlined by the Committee was adopted on motion of Chief Gibson, Mount Vernon, after a full discussion of the major details, such as protection to firemen answering out-of-town calls, etc.

For Program and Educational Committee Chief John Brennan, Chairman, read the paper on “Hose Streams and Hose Layouts,” which he gave to the New York State Fire Chiefs Association. Following this there was an open discussion, in which many of the members joined. Chief Anthony Ferris, Katonah, upon request of Chief Brennan, gave a most interesting account of the recent big Clark Estate fire, at which the Emergency Plan worked efficiently and smoothly. He explained how Katonah, which had its entire complement of men and apparatus, working on the fire nearly all night, was ably “covered” by nearby communities (some of which also send aid, when the emergency call went out).

In discussing the question of insignia for members on their private cars, it was felt that this was a local matter and that the Plan should not recommend universal adoption of any insignia on officers’ cars. The Legal Committee was asked to have a copy of the muchdiscussed “Young” case sent to each Chief, so they could study it.

The members present unanimously voted to present Treasurer Edward Siller, Yonkers, with a suitable brief case in which to carry his papers. The attendance exceeded 150, despite the inclemency of the weather. Following the meeting the members present enjoyed refreshments provided by the Fairview Fire Department.

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