Westinghouse Electric Supply Company.

Westinghouse Electric Supply Company.

Mr. S. L. Nicholson has recently been ap-. pointed general sales manager of the Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., and has direct charge over the sales policies of the entire company. Mr. Nicholson has been with the company for eleven years in many different capacities, as salesman, as district department manager, and as industrial and power sales manager for the past five years, from which last position he resigned to take the present post. Before coming to the Westinghouse Company he was with the C. & C. Electric Company. He is perhaps best known to motor manufacturers as the organizer and president of the American Association of Motor Manufacturers, an organization which has done much in the two short years of its life to improve the art of manufacturing motors. Mr. Charles Robbins, who has for many years been connected with the Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Company in the industrial and power sales department in connection with the sale of industrial motors, has recently been appointed manager of this department. Mr. Robbins has been with the company since 1899, in which time he has been in the manufacturing department, the New York district office sales department and for the past three years in the industrial and power sales department at East Pittsburg. His head quarters will continue to be at East Pittsburg.


Mr. G. Brewer Griffin has recently been ap nointed manager and actively is directing the sales policy of the detail and supply sales depart ment of the Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., in which department transformers, meters, fans, heating appliances, switches, switchboards, railway line material, etc., are sold. Mr. Griffin has been assistant manager of this sales department for six years past, having previously been connected with the sale of detail apparatus in the Boston office, altogether having been employed some seven years with this company. Previous to his connection with the Westinghouse Company, Mr. Griffin was with the Manhattan General Construction Company of New York as a special representative, finally opening an office for them in Boston. Mr. Samuel A. Chase, who for the past few years has been with the Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Company in their New York sales office as a special detail and supply salesman, has recently resigned to accept a position with the White Investing Company, of New York City, a financial investment company handling stock of many different organizations. Previous to Mr. Chase’s employment with the Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Company, he was a salesman for the Western Electric Company, where he was highly successful. Mr. Chase will, after January 1, be in charge of the Chicago office of the White Investing Company, having exclusive territorial rights in North and South Dakota, Minneapolis, Iowa, Illinois and northern Indiana.


Howard R. Valentine was elected chief of the Woodbridge, N. J., fire department.

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