Westinghouse Ozonizer

Westinghouse Ozonizer

The use of ozone as a purifying agent has become well known for application in public institutions. It is also found to be a preservative against mould and putrefaction in foods, and in pulmonary diseases, it gives relief and often effeets a cute. One Westinghouse ozonizer will generally produce sufficient ozone to purify the air in a room having an area of 40 square feet and the average height. The _____zone oxidizes the various an_____al and vegetable substances which it attacks and renders them odorless. In addition it also attacks bacteria and germs in the air. rendering the air sterile and healthful, a fact that makes the ozonizer particularly useful in hospitals, ebspensaries and operating rooms. The Westinghouse ozonizer consists of a step-up transformer. tubes for generating the ozone, and a regulating switch, all contained in an easily portable case. The function of the transformer is to raise the voltage of the supply circuit to that required ly the ozone generating tubes. These tubes are of glass of special construction, having an outer coating of metal made to adhere closely to the glass by a special process. The inner walls of the tubes are lined ” with a metal mesh which forms the crone generating surface. I he outer coating is connected to one terminal of the hightension winding of the transformer, and the inner coating is connecter, to the other high-tension terminal. The uneven distribution of potential by the metal mesh on the inside of the tubes produces a large number of tiny brush discharges which generate ozone The generating cylinders are located above the transformer and stand vertically. so that the warm air rising from the transformer and from the inside of the generating tubes causes an upward draft, drawing in fresh air at the bottom and giving off a uniform flow of ozonized air at the top. On top of the case is a knurled knob connected to the regulating switch located inside the case, which is connected to the generating tubes in such a manner that, by turning the knob to the positions indicated on the dial, the number of tubes in operation may be regulated from one to four, with a corresponding change in the unit of ozone. The cylindrical part of the case is of heavy sheet metal and the top and bottom of wood. This wood is thoroughly seasoned, and heavy enough to prevent warping. The ozonizer is furnished with either one of w_____ kinds of finish; one being white enamel all over, which is intended for hospitals and dispensaries. The other finish is polished mahoganv for the wooden top and bottom and dull black for the remainder of the case; this finish being recommended for offices, churches and places having polished woodwork.


The ozonizer is designed for connection direct to the lamp socket as it only takes 18 watts at maximum production.

The operation is practically noiseless, so that it can be left running in the sleeping room without the slightest disturbance.

Although the voltage is stepped to a high value, the circuits arc so thoroughly insulated, and all exposed metal parts are electrically connected together, so that no difference of potential can exist between them even though a part of the circuit should become grounded on the case.

The ozonizer is made by the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company.

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