Westport Celebrates Quarter Century

Westport Celebrates Quarter Century

In July, the Westport, Mass., Fire Department celebrated its first quarter century with three day observances over the July 4th weekend. ,

An elaborate program was carried out with events held at the old Westport Fairgrounds. Fairgrounds opened at 7:00 P. M. on the 3rd, with games and movies and a giant bonfire but high winds necessitated postponement of the latter. On the 4th came the giant parade which passed through Westport Point, Central Village and to the Head of Westport, where prizes were awarded. There was racing by motor-scooters and mirco-midgets and later a band concert and display of fireworks. On the 5th, there were games for children at the Fairgrounds and, at 6:00 P. M., a parachute drop: at 7:00 P. M. a concert by the famous “Smoke-eaters Novelty Band” with a “red hot finale” in fact and indeed, when the postponed bonfire was lit off at 10:00 P. M., followed by a display of fireworks.

On the 4th, a diamond studded gold badge was presented to Chief Stanley E. Gifford, for 25 years of continous service in the Westport Fire Department. “Father Knickerbocker” of radio and TV fame made the presentation of the gift, which came from all the firemen.

From the first little “Chevy” and 7 men. the Westport Department has grown to an efficient force of 160 men and five trucks. There are three organizations within the department, the Westport Volunteer Fire Company at Central Village; the Head of Westport Fire Association at the Head of Westport, and the North Westport Fire Association at North Westport. A mutual aid agreement with adjoining towns is in effect.

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