Westport’s New Fire Headquarters

Westport’s New Fire Headquarters

Handsome New Fire Headquarters at Westport, Conn.

The new fire headquarters at Westport, Conn., one of the finest and most modern in that section of the Nutmeg State, was opened on September 28. The building cost $18,000 and is erected on a site donated to the town by Edward T. Bedford, millionaire oil man. The new building is two stories high, adapted to house the Pioneer Hook & Ladder Company No. 1, and the Compo Engine Company No. 2. Originally, it was planned to house the Vigilant Hose Company. when an agitation arose over its location and the Vigilant Company will remain in its present location across the river from Westport.

The tipper floor is given over to rooms for the comfort and entertainment of the firemen. A large library and sitting room are provided and two large living rooms are set apart. Cocker rooms and shower-baths are part of the equipment. The chief’s office is located on the apparatus floor. Both companies to be housed in the new building are veteran organizations, having been in existence about 50 years and are equipped with two up-to-date Hahn apparatus. The Compo Company has 60 members, while the Pioneer Company boasts a somewhat larger membership roll. Both are purely volunteer organizations.

The Pioneer Company has ladders and all tools such as pike poles, hooks, shovels, rope and other fire equipment. The Compo Company apparatus is a pumper with 1,200 feet of hose and chemical extinguishers besides a 50gallon chemical tank. Harold Baker is captain of the Pioneer Company and his brother. Herbert Baker, holds the same position with the Compo Company. The fire department at Westport now answers all alarms that come in by telephone to the operators. The operators set a dial that blows the number of the alarm on the whistle on the Town Hall. Tin companies respond to fires from this system. Still alarms come into the chief’s office and then he, in turn, calls upon a company to answer the alarm.

Fireboat Urged for Houston, Tex.—After an inspection of the new $300,000 fireboat “Deluge,” which the city of New Orleans, La., has recently acquired, Fire Commissioner Anderson, of Houston, Tex., declared be was ready to renew bis request for a fireboat for the port of Houston. “Of course we cannot afford a $300,000 fireboat here, but we certainly should have one of some kind and I am going to continue my efforts to obtain one.” said Mr. Anderson.

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