What is said of the Journal.

What is said of the Journal.

“ I plead guilty to a hearty interest in your paper.


“Proprietor of the great News Emporium, Union Square, N. Y.”

“ I have long felt the need of such a paper, and am delighted with us appearance.


“Chief Engineer, Nashville, Tenn.”

“ It is with pleasure we welcome once more a real Fireman’s newspaper.


“Chief Engineer, New Haven Fire Department.”

In each number something new is found that cannot be furnished in any other way.

“ THOMAS DOYLE, Chief Engineer,


‘ The information already obtained from the JOURNAL has more than paid me for the year’s subscription.

“ LEWIS WARNER. Chief Engineer.


“ If every number is as good as the first, no P’ireman will complain. It was, in my opinion, full of interesting reading, just such as we likt.

“G. A. AINSLIE, Chief Engineer,


“I have this day received the NATIONAL FIREMAN’S JOURNAL. From what little time I have had to examine it, I am much pleased with its contents.

“O. L. ANGEVINE, Fire Marshal,


“ Such a paper should be in the hands of every property owner and Fireman throughout the country ; it assists the former to discipline, and the latter to protect his property.

“JAMES F. CARNEY, Chicl Fire Department,


“ Cannot but meet with success.”—New York Express.

“ It promises to be a very useful and lively periodical.” — United States Review.

“ The field is large, and the J IURNAL bids fair to occupy it in a manner creditable to both its proprietors and to the class it represents.”—Ashbury Park (N. J.) Journal.

“ It is the only | aper devoted to the interests of Fire Department news published in the United States, and it should have a large circulation.”—East Orange Gazette.

The paper is devoted to the interests of the American Firemen, and should receive a warm welcome from them.” —Insurance Critic.

“ The NATIONAL FIREMAN’S JOURNAL has just appeared in New York. We have heard of hot journals before, but a professedly fire journal must be remarkab’e if it goes safely.”—Boston Advertiser.

“The NATIONAL FIREMAN’S JOURNAL, of New York, has just made its appearance, and is full of valuable information fer the fire boys.”—Philadelphia Sunday Mercury.

“The NATIONAL FIREMAN’S JOURNAL is the title of a new weekly newspaper, published in New York, devoted to the interests of the Firemen and the Fire Departments of the country.”—Oswego (N. Y.) Times.

“The NATIONAL FIREMAN’S JOURNAL is the title of a new paper jest started in New York City in the interests of the Firemen of the United States. It is a very handsome journal of sixteen pages.”—Newark (N. J.) Sunday Call.

” Contains much information that cannot fail to be interesting and useful to Firemen, whose warm approval and substantial support the new enterprise is entitled to receive ”—Insurance Chronicle.

“ The field for a paper such as the FIREMAN’S JOURNAL intends to be is large, and has not yet been occupied. The numbers are well arranged, and contain a vast amount of : interesting information. —New York Hotel Mail.

“Judging from the contents of the first number, it pronrses to furnish a valuable organ for the interchange of views between the various departments, which will facilitate improvements in the methods of combating conflagrations.”—Insurance Monitor.

“ The NATIONAL FIREMAN’S JOURNAL has for its object the furnishing of news and general information regarding fire matters. Notice will be taken, in both its editorial ana news columns, of all matters of interest occurring in any locality, and it will discuss all topics which occupy the attention of the various Fire Departments.”—Baltimore Underwriter.

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