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Flow Meter

Southwest International Products Development Company has developed the Johnson Flowmeter, a device which is attached to the pump outlet of the vehicle and indicates the amount of water flowing.

No calculations are required. The pump operator merely adjusts valves for the proper flow rate for a particular nozzle and the nozzle pressure will be correct.

The Flometer will indicate line burst by a sudden increase in flow accompanied by a decrease in pump pressure, nozzle shut-off by a zero flow reading accompanied by a rise in pump pressure, and excessive lay by a low flow rate and excessive pump pressure.

No mechanical changes are required to install the unit, as it is coupled to any 2 1/2-inch hose outlet.

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Forged Couplings

Akron Brass Company is introducing a line of forged couplings—in both Pyrolite and brass—in five different sizes, 1 1/2, 2 1/2, and 3-inch, plus 3-part and 5-part reducing couplings with 2 1/2-inch threads for 3-inch hose.

Pyrolite is a lightweight aluminum alloy developed exclusively for Akron which is hardcoated by a special process to give complete thread protection from galling and electrolysis. Threads cannot peen over. Pyrolite couplings are forged with a Rocker-Ring and three Rocker-Lugs for added strength and convenience.

According to the company, a special coupling load simulator developed by Akron shows forged brass to be up to three times stronger than cast brass and forged Pyrolite to be approximately one-third the weight and yet almost 50 percent stronger than forged brass.

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Rechargeable Flashlight System

Two new rechargeable flashlight systems have been introduced by Ziamatic.

The charger system for Models L3VS and M2-4 is wired to apparatus ignition systems, while the Model L3ACS may be plugged into any 115-volt AC outlet.

Quic Hy-Lyte flashlights are said to yield a minimum of two full hours of continuous light. Their batteries are recharged automatically when the flashlight is returned to the convenient charger clip holder.

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Portable Pump

A lightweight floating pump, the Pump-R-Buoy, is available from Evans Precision Manufacturing, Inc. It is molded of high-impact fiberglass material filled with urethane foam for rigidity and balanced buoyancy. The 3 1/2-hp gasoline engine, which may be started out of water, powers a molded impeller.

The unit is 28 X 24 X 13 inches high and weighs 35 pounds. It has a 2-quart gas tank, which allows about 1 1/2 hours of continuous pumping.

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Fire Coat

A lightweight, flame-resistant fire coat recently developed by Alb Rubber Company and Uniroyal is designed to give greater body protection and longer service wear. The coat, called Magnaguard, features a special outer fabric, Naugatherm, whose flameresistance is said by the developers to exceed all federal or state specifications.

The shell material is polyvinylchloride and, according to the manufacturers, will resist flame, sparks, tear, abrasion, and damage from smoke or oil. It is easily cleaned and will remain pliable at —40°F and has a low-temperature flux that prevents cracking at —50°F.

An aluminized insulating liner gives added body protection and comfort by reflecting away intense heat, yet at the same time it seals out extreme cold.

The coat is available in black, yellow or white, is waterproof and fully guaranteed to meet all claims made by its manufacturers.

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Tire Pressure Indicator

An indicator introduced by Engler Instrument Company shows tire pressures at a glance. Called Indicap, it replaces a conventional valve cap. A small black tip protrudes above the head when the tire is properly inflated. When it does not show, tire pressure has dropped 10 percent or more. A wide range of pressure settings is available.

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Fire Ladder

Duo-Safety Ladder Corporation announces the Compo Ladder, a composite of wood and aluminum. Rungs are made of expanded, ribbed aluminum with aluminum truss blocks for strength. Nonconducting Douglas fir is used for rails, providing ruggedness and, according to the manufacturer, safety from electrical shock.

The new ladder is comparable to the present Duo-Safety 500 Series in construction and ruggedness. It is available in lengths up to 40 feet and in two or three sections.

Customers can now expect delivery of merchandise in two to three weeks after orders are received.

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