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High-Performance Pumps

Hale Pumps introduces its maximum performance, diesel-driven, high-pressure, high-volume 60FRQ Series pumps. Designed for crash truck services, these pumps have a capacity of 2000 gpm at 150 psi and 1300 gpm at 250 psi.

A feature is the matched power of the pump to the engine for maximum performance through a selection of engine to pump gear ratios. Using Hale’s gear box, the maximum pump output can be achieved by the reduced impeller disk friction, thereby maximizing pump efficiency.

Three models are available: 60FRQ-Cat 3160, 60FRQ-HDT 466, and 60FRQGM8v-71, all with heavy-duty components insuring long life under extreme operation conditions. The three models can be skidmounted for permanent installation, chassis-mounted, or trailer-mounted for towing.

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Boot Heel Protector

Duraheel by Servus Rubber Co. protects fire fighters’ heels from painful blisters and infection. It is a knitted, nylon-faced fabric bonded to the felt liner of the boot heel to guard against breakup and pilling of the felt. The surface stays smooth.

According to the manufacturer, abrasion tests prove felt-lined boots with Duraheel wear about 30 times longer than other footwear.

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Protective Helmet

A lightweight helmet of pressure-molded fiber glass with polyester resin that is designed for riot protection is available from Smith & Wesson.

Designated the MK-XII, the helmet has a high-impact, one-piece molded liner with adjustable eight point suspension. It meets Z90.1 impact standards, weighs 40 ounces, and is adjustable in sizes from 6 3/4 to 7 5/8. The see-through face shield is an optional accessory.

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Oil Diffuser

Misco International Chemicals, Inc., has developed a product called No-Flash which renders gasoline and oil spills nonflammable and nonvolatile. It can be used to “defuse” gasoline spilled on pavement after auto accidents. By pouring a small amount on the spill, the entire mixture can be safely washed down the sewer without fear of an explosion. It can also be used to dissipate spills on water. It is biodegradable and safe for marine life.

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Exposure Sprinkler

The Viking Corporation has introduced a UL-listed sprinkler for deluge systems protecting windows or glass walls against exposure fires.

The sprinkler provides uniform coverage of the glass and supporting members with water which has downward velocity to overcome updrafts created by exposure fires. This protection keeps the glass intact through most exposure fires.

By introducing a wetting agent into the system water supply and having suitable tempered plate glass, the wall or windows will have a 45-minute fire wall rating.’ For this rating, the window must be made of 1/4-inch tempered plate, 1/2-inch vented air space, and another 1/4-inch tempered plate. The sprinkler is available in two sizes for either 48 or 60-inch windows.

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Smoke Detector

A fire alarm system designed to offer complete protection—from spotting an incipient fire to bringing help fast—has been announced by Honeywell’s Commercial Division.

Developed especially for hospitals, office buildings, schools and colleges, industrial plants, computer rooms, stores and shopping centers, Honeywell’s new system has special detectors that react to an incipient fire long before there’s a wisp of smoke or hint of flame.

When the detector spots a fire it flashes a signal to a modular alarm/control panel that automatically turns on emergency signals throughout the fire zone. The modular panel also can turn on sprinklers or chemical extinguishers, move elevators to safe floors, close remote fire doors, start smoke evacuation fans, broadcast prerecorded announcements to danger areas, even summon the fire department.

Once installed, detectors need no adjustment. Each one automatically compensates for changes in temperature, humidity, pressure, air motion, other atmospheric conditions that with the conventional unit could trigger false alarms or change detector sensitivity. Units fit in flush or surface-mounted bases permanently attached to the ceilings.

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Rescue Dummy

Fire Research Corporation announces its Smokehouse and Rescue Dummy, an articulating, variable-weight dummy. Constructed of heat-resistant materials, it can be dragged over rough surfaces without damage and can withstand temperatures up to 300°F. Its weight can be varied from 20 to 250 pounds, depending upon the type of class being conducted and the training level of the students. It is available in two models—adult and child.

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Wonder Corporation of America announces the Multi Lite, a double-duty unit which is actually two separate flashlights using one power source. The user has the choice of using the beam of the main battery case light or plugging in a headband unit.

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Both hands are free as a wire bracket on the flashlight case can be hung on a coat button or anywhere else. The beam is powered by a replaceable Wonder 4.5-volt power-pack battery (equivalent to three D cells).

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Fire Reporting System

A municipal fire reporting system, operating without wires or batteries, is available from Solid State Technology, Inc. The radio principle system is available for expansion or replacement of existing wired or battery systems.

The units are powered by mechanical energy stored inside each alarm box. To maintain a satisfactory level of stored energy, each alarm box requires but a 30-second procedure every nine months. If the amount of stored energy drops below the established minimum reserve, the box automatically informs the central alarm console.

Conforming fully with all NFPA standards, the fire reporting box contains a self-test feature. Every 24 hours, initiated by a clock contained within the box, a tost signal is sent to the central console to confirm its proper functioning. When a citizen has sent in an alarm, an audible variable-pitch tone is activated at the box to indicate that the alarm has been sent. A “tamper and tilt” alarm feature instantly informs the central console if the box has been knocked down or is being tampered with by vandals.

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A DC generator for running lights and other high-cycle tools, has been introduced by Homelite.

The new unit, Model 119HY35-2B, provides for a direct circuit breaker that complies with the National Electric Code and incorporates the latest applicable safety regulations. The generator, replacing Model 119HY35-2A, features a rugged control box that is mounted on the side for ease in servicing and for added protection against rough handling.

It delivers 3500 watts of high-cycle power (three phases, 180 cycle, 230 volts), continuous rating, or 2500 watts of 115-volt DC power for running lights and universal tools. It incorporates Homelite’s Loadamatic idle control, which automatically drops engine speed to an idle when power is not being drawn. It has a Briggs & Stratton engine and heavy-duty vibration isolated mounting with protective carrying handles.

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Fire Helmet

The new Super Chieftain fire fighter’s helmet from National Safety Supply, Inc., features light weight, durability, abrasion and scratch resistance, plus high dielectric strength.

Made of polycarbonate (Lexan) in black, white, red or yellow, the helmet is available complete with an adjustable suspension, a fabric-lined elastic chin strap with dome fasteners, and D ring. It weighs only 19 ounces.

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