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WHAT’S NEW Among the Manufacturers


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New LaFrance Portable

American LaFrance, Elmira, N. Y., announces its Model DC volume-pressure portable pump. Said to weigh 130 pounds, it is rated up to 250 gpm at 15 psi and is powered by a 9-hp Briggs and Stratton 4-cycle engine. It is equipped with an exhaust primer and 2 1/2-inch suction and discharge ports.

Pontiac Amblewagon

Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors Corp., Pontiac, Mich., is now offering ambulance conversions for its station wagons. Available on special order through local dealers, all accessories and necessary interior installation is provided by the Automotive Conversion Corp., Birmingham, Mich.

School Alarm System

Scam Instrument Corp., 1811 Irving Park Road, Chicago 13, Ill., recently installed an alarm system in Park Ridge, Ill., which monitors 10 community schools from the central fire station. Automatic nre detection sensing units located throughout each school in the system are connected directly to the fire station supervisory unit. The detectors are supplemented by manual pull boxes located in halls, office and classrooms of the buildings. System component, transmission line or power supply failure will also cause an alarm, it is claimed. Scam built the fire station monitor unit while fire detection devices and over-all system design was furnished by Standard Electric Time Co., Springfield, Mass.

American Fire Apparatus Expands Facilities

American Fire Apparatus Company, Battle Creek, Mich., has expanded production facilities at its Marshalltown, Iowa, plant, just south of that city on Highway 30. This increases factory space 50 per cent and is the second expansion since the Marshalltown plant was established in 1955.

ADT Moves Chicago Office

American District Telegraph Company has moved its Chicago sales, plant and accounting offices to new headquarters at 175 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite A-1024. The new office includes a studio which is equipped to give working demonstrations of the company’s electric protection systems. None of ADT’s five Chicago central stations is affected by the relocation.

Snyder Buys National

M. L. Snyder & Son, Inc., Jasper and York Streets, Philadelphia 25, Pa., has announced purchase of the entire business of National Fire Protection Co., West Chester, Pa. Snyder will continue to service its customers on the same high standard as in the past.

New Squad Unit

The Gerstenslager Co., 1425 East Bowman, Wooster, Ohio, recently delivered this 14-man squad car on a CMC No. 450 chassis to the Hill Top Hose Co., Natrona Heights, Pa. It features a removable partition and doors from the sliding rear section which telescopes into the forward body section. The latter affords an open unit in favorable weather.

The body and cab sections are heated with independent hot water heaters and insulated with Fiberglas and aluminum foil. A special indicator light on the dash panel warns the driver if any compartment door is left open.

Steel Drill Tower

Safway Steel Products. Inc., 6234 West State Street, Milwaukee 13, Wis., has developed a tubular steel scaffold drill tower for training and public demonstrations. It is claimed the parts can be quickly assembled with quick fasteners into towers of virtually any height and base area without use of tools.

New Fire-Lik Concentrate

Deynor Corporation, 1 Depot Plaza, Mamaroneck, N. Y., announces the introduction of Fire-Lik wet water liquid concentrate. It is said to be formulated for use with any standard line proportloner, or eductor, for 1/2 to 1 per cent pickup.

The liquid form of Deynor’s cartridge concentrate, Fire-Lik, is claimed to reduce the surface tension of ordinary water from the normal 72 dynes to approximately 30 dynes per centimeter at only 1/2 per cent solution. It is said to be compatible with either fresh or salt water.

Spear and Co. Acquires Acme-Hamilton

Spear and Co., New York, announced on January 18 that it had acquired AcmeHamilton Mfg. Co., Trenton, N. J., in exchange for 2,266,000 shares of Spear common stock. Acme makes fire hoses, mechanical rubber goods and conveyor belting. Spear operates three retail stores under the name of Ludwig-BaumannSpears. The name of the combined firm will be Acme-Hamilton.

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Koehler Commando Light

Koehler Manufacturing Co., Marlboro, Mass., is marketing its Commando light, Model 285. Designed to clip on a belt, the unit uses four regular flashlight batteries and includes a built-in spare bidb for emergency purposes.

Fyr-Fyter Protects “500”

The Fyr-Fyter Co., 221 Crane Street, Dayton 1, Ohio, will once again furnish all fire protection equipment to the 1960 running of the Indianapolis Memorial Day “500″ auto race. The company has for a quarter of a century annually supplied this material as a public service for the auto classic. Each pit area is provided one 50-pound CO; and two 15pound CO; extinguishers. In addition, dry chemical extinguishers, foam and other equipment is supplied to the track’s private fire department for use on apparatus deployed throughout the stands.

Mack-Magirus for Chicago

Mack Trucks, Inc., Plainfield, N. J., recently delivered two 144-foot and two 100-foot Magirus aerials to the Chicago Fire Department. Mounted on B-85F chassis with 276-hp engines, the units are equipped with power steering and air brakes. The six-section, 144-foot ladders are the first of their type to be mounted on Mack chassis and are said to provide a unit of 34 feet over-all length.

Buys Buckeye Line

Machine Products Corp., 125 Hollier Avenue, Dayton 3, Ohio, has purchased the well-known “Buckeye” fire department equipment from the Buckeye Iron and Brass Works, Dayton, Ohio, and will manufacture and market the line as well as additions. The company states the same high standards of quality will be retained.

Marks 25th Anniversary

The Penetone Co., Tenafly, N. J., is now observing its 25th anniversary. The company which manufactures an emulsifier-detergent for dispersing gasoline spills began in 1935 as a one-man operation. Today it has an affiliate plant in Sweden, a substantial interest in an English company and representatives in more than 10 other foreign countries.

Notifier N-CO-Stat

Notifier Corp., 3700 North 56th Street, Lincoln 4, Neb., has announced a new fire-detection thermostat which is said to fit a standard electrical outlet box. A self-restoring fixed-temperature unit, it is claimed to be waterproof and airtight. Listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories, they are available in 135° F., 190° F., and 250° F. temperature ratings.

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Holbrook Rescue Alarm

The Rescue Alarm Co., 84 State Street, Boston 9, Mass., is marketing an emergency signaling horn that firemen entering burning buildings may wear on their belts or mask straps. In the event of becoming injured, lost or trapped, the device may be triggered to signal for help. Said to weigh 2 1/4 pounds, it is self-contained and powered by Freon 22 gas. A sight glass permits quick visual check of the power supply. It is claimed the horn gives a loud, high-pitched blast which can be coded or continuous at the will of the operator.

The device was designed by Chief Donald Holbrook, Meadowood Fire Department, Fitzwilliam, N. H., in cooperation with the Falcon Alarm Co., Summit, N. j.

AllClass Extinguishers

The Alim Corp., 11 Park Place, New York 7, N. Y.. has introduced the ABC AllClass fire extinguisher which carries a UL rating of 1-A, 12-BC in the 15 pound size and 2-A, 20-BC rating in the 25pound size. Both are said to be effective on magnesium fires as well. The patented dry-chemical-type extinguishing agent employed is said to “incoolate” on contact with fire. This is explained as a chemical reaction whereby the discharged powder forms a cooling, insulating blanket which is deposited on burning Class A material and magnesium. Insulation is formed by the deposit and the change from powder to deposit utilizes and absorbs heat. A smothering and cooling effect is employed for Class B fires and the material is a nonconductor for Class C fires. The UL recommendations for magnesium fires is 4 pounds of the extinguishing agent per 1 pound of magnesium. A 5-pound model is also produced which carries a UL rating of 8-BC.

Truco-Denver Buys Ajax Iron Works

Truck Equipment Company, Denver, Colo., has purchased a major interest in the Ajax Iron Works, 1709 Blake Street, Denver. Ajax specializes in steel fabrication.

Zeus Portable Generator

The Western Branch, Pesco Products Division, Borg-Warner Corp., 3310 Vanowen Street, Burbank, Calif., has announced the new model GW-300 Zeus portable generator. Said to have an output of 3000 watts a.c., it features a permanent magnet alternator and recoil or electric start.

MultiTrak Voice Monitor

A new electronic system that records as many as 20 separate radio or telephone communications simultaneously on 1-inch-wide magnetic tape has been announced by Minneapolis-Honey well Regulator Company. The transistorized system, known as the MultiTrak Voice Monitor, is designed to record all verbal data received and transmitted at central control facilities. An interlock is said to prevent accidental erasure of the recording.

Engine Speed Monitor

Knecht’s Inc., 3400 Main Street, Springfield, Ore., has introduced the “Speed Monitor,” a hydraulic coupling device which, it is claimed, converts any variable-speed rotating energy source to a constant speed without loss of power. It is said the fluid coupling may be used for controlling the speed of belt-driven automobile-engine accessories. For example, a maximum electrical output and cooling may be delivered from idle speed through full throttle.

Glendora Fire Department Adds High Fog Pump

The Glendora, Calif., Fire Department recently equipped one of its pumpers with a high-pressure pump built by High Fog Pump Co., 35 Santa Clara Street, Arcadia, Calif. The compact unit is said to produce up to 1,900 psi and weighs 200 pounds.

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Appointments and Promotions

Edward R. Randall has been appointed manager, Installation & Service Department, Industrial and Marine Division, Walter Kidde & Company, Inc., Belleville, N. j. He was formerly director of purchases for the Industrial and Marine Division.

James A. Bowman has been promoted to advertising and sales promotion manager, Ansul Chemical Co., Marinette, Wis. He succeeds Brad Sebstad, who resigned to establish his own advertising agency.

Mrs. Gabrielle M. Hearst has been elected president of the Flamort Chemical Co., San Francisco, Calif. She succeeds Dr. Walter R. Hearst, founder of the company, who died on March 20. Mrs. Hearst has announced she will continue the management and established policies of the company.

Wallace P. Miller has been named manager, two-way radio sales, midwestem states, by Motorola Communications & Electronics, Inc. In his new capacity, he supervises mobile radio sales throughout a 13-state area extending from Ohio to North and South Dakota, with headquarters in Chicago.

John F. Fussell succeeds Miller as sales manager, New York State. He was formerly regional manager for Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. His new office will be in Fair Lawn, N. J., at Motorola’s eastern area sales and service headquarters.

R. G. (Pete) Ashbaugh has been named president of Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company, Elkhart, Ind. E. H. Hansen, president since 1943, has advanced to board chairman.

A half-back on Notre Dame’s championship football teams of 1946 and ’47, Ashbaugh joined Elkhart in 1948 and in 1956 became executive vice president and general manager.

Ricardo H. Vergara has been appointed chief engineer of the Ward LaFrance Truck Corp. of Elmira, N. Y. He joined the company in February 1959 as a project engineer.

He will direct engineering activities for all Ward LaFrance divisions, as well as engineering research and development.

Jack L. Duke has been named Gulf Coast sales representative for Solar Aircraft Company gas turbine engines and turbomachinery products. His offices will be located in Houston, Tex.

John C. Lambert has joined the sales staff of the Alim Corporation, New York, N. Y. He was formerly a regional sales manager for Leeder Mfg. Co.

R. J. Buchanan has been appointed manager, Special Hazards Department, “Automatic” Sprinkler Corporation of America, Youngstown, Ohio. He will direct sales and development of fire protection and prevention systems for industrial, commercial and military applications and will headquarter at the company’s home office.

Joseph Esher has been appointed executive vice president of the American La France Division, Elmira, N. Y., becoming second in command to Dan S. Ellis, American La France president. Mr. Esher has been vice president and general manager of the ALF-Herman Corporation, St. Louis, Mo.

William Irish, presently general sales manager of the ALF-Herman Corporation, has been promoted to the new post of manager of operations.

Redesigned Light Plants

Pacific Mercury, 13232 Leadwell, North Hollywood, Calif., has redesigned its 1750, 2000 and 2500-watt electric plants, which is said to reduce the weight of the generators by 25 pounds. An increase of horsepower from 10 to 15 per cent is claimed.

Sprinkler Flow Tester

Seco Mfg., Inc., 4461 West Jefferson, Detroit 9, Mich., has introduced a line tester for determining the condition of sprinkler branch lines. The side outlet cap is removed, a hose connected and the hex head turned to the open position to make a flow test for branch line obstructions. The permanently installed device is said to be approved by Factory Mutual Laboratories.

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