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WHAT’S NEW Among the Manufacturers

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Hi-Ranger Aerial Platforms

Mobile Aerial Towers, Inc., 1730 North Harrison Street, Fort Wayne 7, Ind., is producing the Hi-Ranger aerial platform in sizes said to range from 30 to 100 feet in height with basket capacities up to 1000 pounds. All units feature hydraulic outriggers and single-lever control. Unit shown has 75-foot reach.

Strato-Tower Platform

The Strato-Tower Division, Young Spring and Wire Corp., P. O. Box 103, Elkhart, Ind., is producing four standard sizes of hydraulic aerial platforms with 280-degree rotation. These range from 35 to 95 feet and all are said to be controlled by a single lever. Units are available with wheeled or steel pad-type outriggers and basket capacity up to 500 pounds.

The unit shown in the illustration is a 45-foot platform which was pressed into service at fronton, W. Va., last February during a fire at a drive-in.

Pitman Aerial Platform

The Pitman Manufacturing Co., Grandview, Mo., has announced that its latest 50 and 65-foot aerial platforms mounted on a pumper chassis for fire service use will be demonstrated at the forthcoming Grand Rapids Conference of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. It is claimed the units have a 1,000-pound capacity, hydraulic outriggers and 360degree rotation.

Holan Aerial Elbow

The J. H. Holan Corp., 4100 West 150th Street, Cleveland 35, Ohio, has introduced a cable-controlled aerial elbow with twin-bucket design. The unit is said to reach a maximum height of more than 36 feet with 360-degree rotation. Capacity is claimed to be 600 pounds.

Truco Aerial Lift

Truck Equipment Co., 3963 Walnut Street, Denver 5, Colo., is marketing Truco hydraulic operated aerial lifts. The units are said to be of the telescoping type in sizes up to 100 feet in height and to have full 360-degree rotation. Basket capacity is rated at 500 pounds.

Industrial Monkey

The Peters Co., 1933 S. E. Union Avenue, Portland 14, Ore., is manufacturing The Industrial Monkey, a telescoping boom-type of aerial platform. The hydraulic units are available in heights from 30 to over 60 feet and 270 to 360-degree rotation.

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Hydraulic Safety Seat

Protect-O-Matic Corp., 112 Killewald Avenue, Tonawanda, N. Y., has introduced a new safety system which it is claimed will prevent the forward lurching of persons seated in an automobile when the vehicle is in a front-end collision.

A chrome trigger bar is mounted on the front bumper in the manner of a bumper guard. When struck at speeds in excess of 7 mph, the bar transfers pressure to a hydraulic system which activates two scissor-jacks mounted under the front seat. The force exerted raises and slides the seat forward in a “scooping” fashion. It is said this action prevents the occupant from being thrown forward.

New Chemical Units

National Foam System, Inc., West Chester, Pa., recently delivered two new chemical trucks to Baltimore, Md. Built to the fire department’s specifications on CMC chassis, the units carry 700 gallons of 3 per cent Aer-O-Foam liquid and 300 gallons of Drench wetting agent. Each is equipped with six 2 1/2-inch inlets for receiving water at up to 200 psi pressure from a pumper. Six 2 1/2-inch discharge outlets and a PW-51 variable spray turret nozzle are provided. Proportioning is accomplished by Aer-O-Flow Indication Proportioning employing two flow meters, and a maximum discharge rate of 1,200 gpm is said to be possible.

Scuba Diving Gear

Rose Aviation Inc., Box 75, Aurora, Ohio, is marketing the “Pro” self-contained underwater breathing apparatus for use by firemen, rescue squads, etc., in all water emergency operations. Units may be purchased singly oi as a kit including fins, underwater mask and carrying case.

FEMA Names Committee

A reorganization of its Sales and Marketing Committee was made at the June 17 meeting of Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, Inc. Fred S. Buckley, Walter Kidde & Co., Inc. was named chairman. Membership includes W. E. Morgan, Jr., of Kidde as alternate; W. P. Barwinkcl, American La France, with G. J. Halpin of that division as alternate; A. C. Trautwein of the FyrFyter Co., and Don O. Wood as his alternate. Other members are L. C. McKesson, Ansul Chemical Co., and Arthur Guise of Ansul as alternate, plus Stewart Boal, Randolph Laboratories, Inc.

New Radio Alarm System

Hobby Enterprises, Inc., 17 Second Avenue, Bay Shore, N. Y., is marketing a radio alarm system for use in alerting firemen, first aid squads, civil defense volunteers, etc. It consists of a master control which is attached to an existing fire department radio transmitter and individual tone-controlled receivers placed in the homes of department members or other locations convenient for use. Normally silent, the receivers operate whenever the special tone is sent from the base transmitter. Any necessary message concerning fire or other emergency location may then be transmitted to all listeners.

Helicopter Foam Pod

Janitrol Aircraft Division, Surface Combustion Corp., 4200 Surface Road, Columbus 4, Ohio, has designed a foam extinguisher pod for use in fighting offfield aircraft crash fires. Used in conjunction with a Kaman Aircraft Corp. H-43 helicopter, the 1,000-pound pod may be airlifted to the crash scene with its operating crew and set down in any cleared area larger than the 50-foot helicopter rotor blades. The fire fighters then may employ the 850 gallons of foam pressurized by nitrogen on a fire. Forcible entry tools are also included with the unit. The H-43 helicopter assists the fire fighters by the pilot properly directing the air wash of the beating rotors.

New M-S-A Facepiece

A new facepiece for gas masks, hose masks and demand breathing apparatus has been developed by Mine Safety Appliances Company, Pittsburgh. Called the

M-S-A Clearvue, it features a large single lens designed to eliminate fogging, and has an improved speaking diaphragm and built-in accomodation for prescription glasses. It will be incorporated in virtually the entire M-S-A line.

New Mask Alarm

Scott Aviation Corporation announces a new audible alarm for use with its Air Pak which, by the sound of a ringing bell, warns the wearer that the air in the cylinder is low. In operation the alarm is preset at the factory to sound off at 400 psi and continue to ring until the air supply is exhausted giving ample time for the wearer to make a safe exit. The alarm is connected directly to, and actuated by, the air supply.

New Schneck Products

Schneck Textile Fibre Co., P. O. Box 473, Narbeth, Pa., manufacturers of “Nysole” protective boot insoles, has announced two new products, the “Bombero” yellow safety coat and “Bombero” gloves. The coat, designed for rescue squads, etc., is said to be made of polyvinyl chloride on a special-base fabric, and is light in weight. It is claimed the coating will not crack, peel or become tacky. The gloves are also coated with polyvinyl chloride and are said to provide warmth and hand protection with a nonslip grip.

Mack Aerial in Chicago

Mayor Richard J. Daley, of Chicago, tries out the controls of new aerial ladder unit, one of four, purchased from Mack Trucks, Inc., Plainfield, N. J. by the Chicago Fire Department. Fire Commissioner Robert J. Quinn stands ready to assist the Mayor, while looking on below is Chief Fire Marshal Raymond J. Daley. The versatile 100-foot steel ladder is hydraulically actuated and, it is claimed, can be fully extended in 36 seconds to reach the 10th floor of an average constructed building. Another 100-foot ladder and two 144-foot aerials are expected to be delivered soon.

Pirsch Aerial for Long Island Town

The Syosset, L. I., Volunteer Fire Department recently placed this new Peter Pirsch aerial ladder truck in service. It has a seven-man cab, hydraulically operated 75-foot, four-section aluminum-alloy aerial and 210 feet of aluminum ground ladders, as well as a 24-foot wood extension ladder. Fifteen compartments carry life nets, radio, smoke ejectors, salvage covers, protective clothing, ladder pipes, deck guns, 3-inch hose, power saw, a 3.5-kw portable generator with six floodlights, and other customary tools and equipment.

The new unit is powered by a 285-hp Waukesha motor and is mounted on a FWD four-wheel-drive chassis. A 1500-watt Leece Neville alternator can operate power tools, floodlights, etc.

Radiation Training Aids

The R. J. Brady Co., 3227 M. Street, Washington 7, D. C., has announced a new set of VisualCast transparencies for use in fire department drill schools. “Series 10—Radiation Fire Fighting Hazards” consists of 42 transparencies with numerous overlays depicting radiation problems and best known solutions.

Tone Coded Handie Talkie

A portable tone coded squelch radiophone, designed to block out interference caused by other radio systems on a channel, has been introduced by Motorola Communications and Electronics, Inc., 4501 West Augusta Boulevard, Chicago 51, Ill. Called “Private Line,” the transmitters in a system generate an inaudible coded tone with the voice message. This is detected by a sensitive relay in the receivers. Incoming messages are blocked from the receiver unless the coded tone is present. Consequently, interfering messages from other systems on the channel are normally not heard. The units are available for the 25-50 me and the 144-174 mc bands, with dry-cell or rechargeable nickel-cadmium power packs.

New Generator Mount

A new “quick release” base to secure a portable electric plant to its mount is now available from Kohler Co. of Kohler, Wis. It is said the electric plant can be readily-dismounted from the vehicle merely by loosening the handle. The base, made of steel, is attached to the mounting through four bolt holes.

Akron Expands

A new Canadian company, Akron Manufacturing (Canada), Ltd., is now producing Akron Brass fire fighting equipment in a completely remodeled plant at Aylmer, approximately 20 miles southeast of London, Ontario. The company was formed to better serve the Canadian fire protection market.

Ray Kubec

Its president is Ray Kubec, formerly vice president-sales, Akron Brass Mfg. Co., Wooster, Ohio; Jack II. Brazier is director, research and development; John F. Turner, factory manager; and Harry C. Stefanyk, sales manager.

Radio Tone Alerting Systems

Plectron Corporation, Overton, Neb., has announced a new longer-range tone alerting system for use by fire departments. Newly designed receivers are crystal controlled and fully transformer powered. They arc available for automatic tone operation or continuous monitoring.

A new generator, offering eight different tones, is also included and permits alerting several groups individually.

Fire-Retardant Demonstrated

The St. Regis Corporation, 4990 East Asbury, Denver 22, Colo., demonstrated its new F-X fire-retardant paint under fire conditions at New York’s Polo Grounds on June 22. Two 2-room plywood structures, 14 feet wide, 7 feet deep and 9 feet high, were erected on the field. One building was coated with F-X, while the other was covered with ordinary interior paint. Identical amounts of straw were placed in one room of each structure.

A fire was started in the straw in the building coated with ordinary paint. In less than five minutes, the fire spread to the adjoining room, and in less than 15 minutes the structure collapsed, completely gutted by the fire.

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The straw in the treated building was then ignited. As the heat built up, the paint swelled up in the characteristic intumescent action. The fire was confined to the room of origin and, as the straw was consumed, the fire died out. Inspection of this structure after the demonstration revealed that the F-X paint had swelled to a depth of 4 and 5 inches in places, and that the plywood walls were undamaged. With the blisters scraped off, the walls would be ready for repainting.

As part of the demonstration, a suite of living room furniture was placed on a plywood platform which had been coated with F-X. A fire, which was set under the platform, failed to penetrate it, and the furniture was undamaged.

Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. has given the new product a flame-spread rating of 10 when applied according to the manufacturer’s directions. This listing appeared in the U. L. June bimonthly supplement. The manufacturer’s eastern representative is F-X of New York, Inc., 60 Wall Street, New York 5, N. Y.

Mighty Mike Amplifier

A new high-powered voice amplifier, the “Mighty Mike,” has been introduced by Hamilton Electronics Corporation of Chicago. Said to be completely self-contained, and lightweight, it operates on eight standard flashlight batteries or from a 12-volt automobile battery and is rated at 30 watts of power. Bell & Gustus, Inc., 4328 North Elston Avenue, Chicago 41, Ill., are distributors.

Kidde Home Fire Alarm

Kidde Ultrasonic & Detection Alarms Inc., Clifton, N. J., has announced a new home and farm fire alarm system which it is claimed can be installed by any handyman. The system comprises six fire detector elements, 200 feet of wire, staples, screws, and installation instruction brochure and a control panel, battery and battery power gauge. Its detector elements are approved by Underwriters’ Laboratories and Factory Mutual.

New Aluminized Helmet

Wheeler Protective Apparel, Inc., 224 West Huron Street, Chicago 10, Ill., has anounced a new fire fighting helmet said to feature heat, moisture and impact resistance.

The design incorporates a wide-vision “picture window” eye piece, a fiber glass base and a replaceable cover of aluminized asbestos or rayon. The vision piece is available in a number of materials.

Goodyear Portable Pump

A new portable fire pump, said to weigh 50 pounds and featuring aluminum body construction with synthetic rubber bonded steel parts, is being offered by Goodyear Pumps Inc., 9 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City. The positive displacement pump is said to deliver 50 gpm at 100 psi at a suction lift of 28 feet. It is equipped with a two-cycle gasoline engine mounted on an aluminum skid. A four-cycle engine is optional.

Christopher Moves

The Christopher Company announces the opening of their new office at 1095 Madison Avenue, New York. At this new location, Christopher will have an art gallery of old and contemporary paintings, including a permanent collection of fire paintings.

New Ansul Extinguishers

Ansul Chemical Co., Marinette, Wis., has announced that the introduction of its new Sentry “Emergized” series of 10, 20 and 30-pound dry chemical extinguishers scheduled for September will present several improvements in design. The new unit will differ from conventional extinguishers by containing the pressurizing medium within the dry chemical tank.

New Philadelphia Pumpers

Seven new engines were recently completed for the city of Philadelphia by John Bean Division, Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation, Lansing, Mich. The combination high-pressure-fog and volume pumpers join 17 others that have been built for Philadelphia by John Bean Division.

Kar-Pak P. A. System

Midwest Audio Corp., Morton Grove, Ill., has introduced the “Kar-Pak,” a 10-watt transistorized portable-mobile sound system. The unit is said to have a range of up to three-quarters of a mile. It operates on both 6 and 12-volt cars from a cigarette lighter connection or by means of a self-contained battery pack.

Waukesha Expands

The Waukesha Motor Company, Waukesha, Wis., has announced plans for three new branches in southern California and the purchase of the entire inventory of engines and parts formerly held by its distributor, Waukesha Southern California. The expansion will give Waukesha three new branch operations in Watts, Bakersfield and Ventura, in addition to the present branch offices and warehouse located at Vernon.

Hydrostatic Test Pump

Charlan Brass Products Co., 67 Valley Road, Lexington, Mass., is marketing a hydrostatic pump designed for testing 2 1/2-gallon soda-acid and foam fire extinguishers, small valves, short lengths of hose and small low-pressure cylinders. Said to weigh 19 pounds, the unit mounts on a board 10 by 24 inches.

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New Fyr-Fyter Amplifier

The Fyr-Fyter Co., 221 Crane Street, Dayton 2, Ohio has introduced an improved mode] of their transistorized “Penetrator” combination electronic siren, public address and radio amplifier system. The successor to their original model is said to feature 50-watt output siren, low battery drain and easy installation and service.

Blue Light Auto Emblems

Koons Foundry and Machine Works, 150 Huber Street, Secaucus, N. J., is producing a cast aluminum auto identifying emblem for use by volunteer firemen. The traditional cross-shaped device carries the identifying letters in high relief against a bright red background and a 21-candlepower bulb illuminates a blue lens mounted in the center. Actual size is 7 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches.

Aluminum Touch-Up Kit

Fyrepel Products Inc., Newark, Ohio, is marketing a pressurized spray can which is said to make surface renewal possible for all aluminized safety clothing and equipment. The company suggested, in addition, that the flame-reflecting aluminum be sprayed on regulation fire boots as a safety measure.

New Bush Hook Construction

Mann Edge Tool Co., Lewistown, Pa., has announced a new production method of forging bush hook heads in a single piece. The new method is said to retain all the advantages of previous design while eliminating any possible weld imperfections, an inherent weakness of the former construction.

Appointments and Promotions

C. W. Abele has been appointed export manager of Fire-End Products Company, 656 Gerard Avenue, New York 56, N. Y., it was announced by Anthony J. Sposato, general manager. He had been export manager for the General Fire Extinguisher Company.

Carl T. Vangsness has been promoted to sales supervisor for “Scotch-Shield” brand aluminized fabric, it was announced by Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co.’s reflective products division. He will be responsible for the entire range of markets in which heat-protective garments made of 3M’s aluminized fabrics are being used.

Theo. H. Jones, has been elected vice president-general sales manager of Mack Trucks, Inc., Plainfield, N. J., it was announced by Elliott G. Ewell, executive vice president-sales. Jones, a veteran in the automotive field for more than 35 years, has been with the company since May 1930. He has been general manager of the Southern Division since 1950.

King Young, formerly assistant to the vice president, American District Telegraph Company, New York 13, N. Y., has been named vice president of ADT’s European operations, with headquarters in London.

J. O. Maxey, has been appointed manager of the special and government sales division, formerly supervised by Young.

Clyde R. Kager has been named a sales representative of The Cornelius Company, portable air compressor division, Minneapolis, it has been announced by Joseph W. Mahanay, sales manager of the portable air compressor and aviation divisions. He will be concerned with sales in fire, industrial safety and skindiving fields.

John J. Cullen has been promoted to product manager of engineered and molded rubber products by United States Rubber Co., Passaic, N. J.

Harris J. Klein has been elected chairman of the board of Ward La France Truck Corp., Elmira, N. Y. A practicing attorney, Mr. Klein headed the group of investors who purchased the assets and business of Ward La France earlier this year. He is chairman of the executive committee, Cooper-Jarrett, Inc.; a director of the American Fidelity Fire Insurance Company; a director and member of the executive committee of Fairbanks Whitney, Inc., and chairman of the Wanamaker Buildings Associates.

Robert Lassell has been appointed sales manager, municipal fire alarm and signal systems, The Gamewell Co., Newton Upper Falls, Mass., it was announced by G. A. Swim, executive vice president.

Formerly manager of the central region, Chicago, Ill., he will direct the sale of the company’s municipal fire alarm and police signal systems nationwide, and will headquarter at Newton, Mass.

The Roberts Co., Wayland, Mass., has been appointed distributor of electronic talking Sparky fire dogs by the R. J. Mealey Corporation, San Francisco, Calif., manufacturer of the toys.

Publications Available

Exide Automotive Division, The Electric Storage Battery Co., P. O. Box 6266, Cleveland 1, Ohio, has published a 32page booklet “Facts about Storage Batteries,” which contains useful information for those who work with storage batteries. It is free upon request.

The California Fire Safety Association has available a list of all local fire ordinances in Los Angeles County. Copies may be obtained by writing to Samuel K. Freshman, general counsel, Suite 306, 170 North Robertson Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Radio Corporation of America, Communications Products Department, Camden 2, N. J., has issued a broadside describing its “Personalfone” two-way belt radio and some of the fire service uses of this unique unit.

Globe Manufacturing Co., Pittsfield, N. H., has issued a new catalog describing its line of firemen’s turn-out clothing. The well-illustrated booklet includes swatches of materials employed in the manufacture of the clothing.

The Manufacturing Chemists Association, Inc., 1825 Connecticut Ave., N. W., Washington 9, D. C., recently issued a chemical safety data sheet which describes safe handling practices for tolylene diisocyanate used commercially in the preparation of foamed and molded plastics, coating compositions and resins. It contains a brief section on fire fighting. Copies of the bulletin, SD-73, Tolylene Diisocyanate, are available at 30 cents each from the Association.

Russell Fire Equipment, division of Russell Uniform Co., 197 Lexington Ave., New York 16, N. Y. has issued Catalog No. 83 describing its line of general fire equipment. The 74 page, well illustrated book in three colors is available for the asking to the trade.

Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester 4, N. Y., has published a new hand book “Photography in Law Enforcement,” which contains a chapter on arson. Well illustrated, the 82-page book is available from Kodak dealers for $1.25.

Ansul Chemical Company, Marinette, Wis., has issued a new six-page folder “A Guide to Fire Extinguishers,” which compares characteristics and effectiveness of extinguishers according to Underwriters’ Laboratories ratings. Cut-away drawings of a dry chemical extinguisher and a stored pressure water extinguisher are included.

Monitoradio Division, I.D.E.A., Inc., 7900 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis 26, Ind., has issued a new catalog which illustrates and gives complete technical data on Models PR-35 and PR-155 tunable FM receivers for 30-50-mc or 152174-mc bands.

Mount Vernon Mills, Inc., has issued a technical fact sheet on its new FFB Gabardine Fabric for uniforms. The cloth is a blend of four fibers and is claimed to be ideal for fire service uniforms. A copy may be obtained from the company’s selling agent, Turner Halsey Co., 40 Worth Street, New York, N. Y.

Pitman Manufacturing Co., Grandview, Mo., has published a well illustrated broadside describing in detail the operations of its “Snorkel” aerial platform.

Bar-Way Mfg. Co., 2770 Summer Street, Stamford, Conn., has published a well-illustrated eight-page catalog, No. 59, describing its line of high-pressure hose couplings and accessories. It gives full details and specifications.

Walter Kidde & Co., Inc., Main St., Belleville 9, N. J., has published a 16-page brochure P-49, which describes and illustrates all types of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, built-in carbon dioxide extinguishing systems, and several types of fire detection devices. Also contained is a chart showing which extinguishers are approved for use on each class of fire.

Industrial Electrical Works, 1509 Chicago Street, Omaha, Neb., announces an illustrated catalog of its new line of spring-operated hose reels designed for industrial use including tank trucks and fire apparatus.

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