Manufacturers’ Products

Power Plant

A compact, completely housed electric power plant designed for such mobile applications as emergency lights, saws, rescue equipment, etc., has been developed by the Onan Division of Onan Corporation.

Called the Power Drawer, the self-contained power package is adaptable to both new and existing vehicles. No separate compartment or mounting plate is required and only four bolts are needed to secure the outfit.

Slide rail frame design and flexible connections enable the generator to be unlatched and extended 24 inches from flush against the vehicle.

The electric plant is available in 4000 and 6000 watts. Both models are powered by Onan Vacu-flo gasoline, air-cooled, twocylinder, opposed, 4-cycle engines.

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A portable, lightweight floating pump that is adaptable to a variety of applications in small communities, is available from Evans Precision, Inc.

Molded of high-impact fiber glass filled with urethane foam for rigidity, the PumpR-Buoy unit floats in any water—calm or choppy. The 3-hp engine, which can be started out of water, is capable of pumping 100 gpm at 60 psi. The unit measures 22 X 22 X 13 inches high and weighs 35 pounds, with integral handles to make it easy for one man to carry. The 2-quart gas tank allows about 1 1/2 hours of continuous pumping.

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Emergency Vehicle Signals

The Su-Power system of emergency vehicle signals developed by Unity Manufacturing Company uses a Par 46 rotating beacon and high-candlepower Hi-dome warning lights along with the Si-tron siren/PA system.

The Par 46 Unibeacons, available with the Spitfire dome, employs four 60,000candlepower, 6-inch sealed-beam lamps. They produce approximately 115 flashes per minute with up to 100 percent longer dwell per flash.

The Hi-dome warning lights feature a Par-36, 5-inch lamp which provides a full 180 degrees viewing angle with increased brightness. They are available in all-red, blue or amber, or with red, blue or amber sides and a clear face. The clear face unit provides 43,000 candlepower of illumination.

The Si-tron is designed so that it will put out 75 watts with 11-ohm speakers presently in use and can be activated by buttons on the control panel, the vehicle horn rim, or a foot switch.

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Rescue Litter

Thompson Carrier Company announces the Thompson Carrier, a rescue litter built to withstand the most rigorous use. According to the manufacturer, it can slide over the most difficult surfaces—rocks, sand, snow, debris—without damage. It can be dropped from a helicopter at significant altitude without effect.

Made of high-density polyethylene, the litter is impervious to moisture and chemicals and is nonconductive. It never needs painting because the orange color is molded into the material. X-ray pictures can bp taken through the polyethylene.

The carrier is easy to handle. The 3/8inch nylon rope that is laced around the upper edge provides a combination of tiedown points to secure the patient properly. Four corner hand holds provide sling attachment points.

Also available is a two-part model. It is rigid, virtually jam proof and easily assembled.

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The 12-volt Omni-Sound electronic siren/amplifier from R. E. Dietz Company features four siren modes, including manual, wail, yelp and hi-lo, as well as public address and radio capability through the main siren speaker.

The solid state unit uses integrated circuits that reduce the number of components by 30 percent. Repairs are simplified since 90 percent of the circuitry is in a pull-out section and can be replaced in minutes.

Designed for auxiliary manual siren control from foot switch or horn ring, the Model 14-450 has a unidirectional microphone that eliminates background noise and feedback squeal. Mounted with a heavy-duty adjustable bracket, the unit measures 3 inches high, 7 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches deep. It has front lighting for night operation. Amperage draw is .50 amps standby with 100-watt peak siren power and 40-watt peak PA and radio power.

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Sidewall Sprinkler

A new sidewall sprinkler design from “Automatic” Sprinkler Corporation of America provides a long-throw spray pattern of up to 300 square feet. This area coverage makes it possible to install a lower-cost sprinkler system with few sprinklers and fittings, less pipe, and frequently, reduced pipe sizes.

With the Series 38-3000 design, a single sprinkler can often provide protection for an average size room. It is offered in both bronze and chrome finishes, and the pipe flange and elbow can be painted for compatibility with room decor.

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Helmet Transceiver

A helmet-mounted communications system to permit fire fighters to transmit and receive voice messages over approximately a half-mile line-of-sight range has been introduced by Mine Safety Appliances Company.

The battery-operated Topgard transceiver, which snaps into the crown ridge of MSA’s standard Topgard fireman’s helmet, eliminates the need for carrying conventional hand-held communications equipment.

A self-contained unit, the Topgard transceiver has miniature solid state electronic components attached to a contoured circuit board mounted on an impact-resistant helmet liner. Controls, nondirectional microphone and battery case are fitted into the liner brim, while the antenna is enclosed in a rubber guard around the helmet brim.

The transceiver is activated by turning an on-off squelch knob under the front brim of the helmet. A red light emitting diode located under the front brim, blinks to indicate the unit is operational.

The battery power source can be a mercury, alkaline or Ni-Cad rechargeable battery, or two 9-volt transistor batteries.

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Photo of the Month

Fire Photo Division is now offering a photo of the month featuring fire apparatus both old and new that will eventually provide collectors with a series of the most classical apparatus.

Each photo of the month will offer a different truck in full color that is perfect for framing. The photo can be ordered now at a cost of $3.50 each which includes shipping.

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Two-Way Radio

The E. F. Johnson Company announces a high-performance, high-power, two-way radio—the 100-watt high-band Transcom II 573.

The radio features a rugged die-cast housing for trouble-free operation, a highperformance receiver with interference rejection characteristics for use in the most congested areas, transmitter electronic speech processing (ESP) for the most understandable signal whether the operator speaks softly or shouts into the microphone.

Options include one to four-cnannel operation, Call Guard tone squelch, time-out timer which prevents accidental channel blocking, microphone and speaker options.

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Thermal Detectors

A series of thermal fire detectors for use with Pyr-A-Larm early warning fire and smoke detection systems is available from Pyrotronics, a Division of Baker Industries, Inc. These detectors are available for both Pyr-A-Larm low-voltage and high-voltage systems.

The detectors operate on the rate compensation/fixed temperature principle. The basic units include interchangeable plug-in models with exposed indicating lamps and surface-mounted units with or without internal indicating lamps, all of which are rated at either 125 or 200 degrees F. One series can be used with any fire alarm circuit of any manufacture using open-circuit, direct-shorting type units.

All models are Underwriters’ Laboratories listed and can protect up to 25000 square feet.

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Pike Pole

Ziamatic announces a shorter version of the Lowy Quic Hook, which, according to the manufacturer, offers many advantages over the conventional pike pole. For use in confined areas for pulling ceilings and walls, the complete tool is PVC-coated except for the head. The shank of the tool is wrapped with a slip-proof tape to ensure firm grasping surface even when the tool is wet.

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Fire Alarm Panels

Two control panels for use with Pyr-ALarm early warning fire detection and alarm systems have been announced by Prytronics, a division of Baker Industries, Inc. These panels, Models CP-2 and CP2E, are designed for noncoded, automatic systems with low voltage ionization, flame or thermal detectors and manual fire stations connected across a two-wire circuit.

Two-zone basic protection can be afforded by the CP-2 panel, and with the addition of the CP-2E extender panel, the system can protect up to six zones. As an alternative, modules can be substituted to provide municipal tie-in, leased line or supplementary relay operation to control a variety of external devices such as extinguishing systems, smoke dampers, ventilating fans, etc.

A maximum of 30 plug-in ionization, flame or thermal detectors can be connected to each zone. In addition, any number or combination of thermal detectors or manual stations may be tied into each zone. Both models are UL-listed.

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Snow Treds

Sno-Treds from the Detwiler Corporation, offer a solution to the winter traction problem.

They are a series of flexible bands, made of a durable polyurethane elastomer, which lie flat against the tire during regular driving. In snow, when the tires begin to slip, these harder-than-rubber, teeth-like bands twist downward into a “paddle-like” position that bite into the snow to provide the needed traction. The same principle applies in sand or mud. Because SnoTreds are harder than tread rubber, they also are effective on hard-packed snow.

Like chains, the bands are detachable and are intended for use only during snow emergencies. They are lightweight and can be installed in approximately two minutes without having to jack up the car, according to the manufacturer.

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Light Tower

Zip-Up, Inc., announces a portable, hydraulically powered light tower with pushbutton operation standard on all models. The tower, which has quartz lights, can be raised to a height of 26 feet in one minute or less.

It is available with or without a trailer and with either a gasoline or diesel generator.

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Manufacturers’ Products


As part of a line of coronary care equipment for emergency medical services, Mennen-Greatbatch has introduced the Cardio/ Pak Series 936 portable defibrillator-monitors for use in or out of hospitals.

These self-contained defibrillator-monitors feature a bright, non-fade ECG display, conveniently grouped defibrillator controls with a meter that shows both stored energy to 400 watt seconds and energy deliverable through 50 ohms. The unit is designed to fit on a stretcher with the patient, on narrow ambulance shelves or on hospital carts. It can be used for continuous monitoring at the trauma site and en route to or at a hospital.

Most models have a built-in synchronizer, battery charger, built-in phone coupler and gelled electrolyte battery. They can operate off their own battery power, from AC outlets or 12-volt vehicle power.

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Trauma Trouser

The MAST trouser, which is being distributed by Armstrong Industries, Inc., controls internal and external bleeding and reverses shock by means of pressure plus an immediate autotransfusion.

It is wrapped around the patient from the rib cage to the ankles and then inflated with a small pump.

According to the distributor, in several hundred applications in hospitals and also at accident scenes, patients have been maintained for periods of as long as four hours while awaiting surgery. Where a blood pressure reading might be zero, a sigmficant and immediate response has been created when the MAST unit was applied. Severe abdominal injuries have been brought under control even when the patient otherwise had no chance of survival. Forty-seven of 53 patients classed as potentially fatal survived, according to a sixmonth study in one city.

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Two new American Series A/L inverters, designed to provide up to 3000 watts VAC power at low engine speeds on ambulance and fire apparatus are now available from Dynamote Corporation.

Both products are designed to meet the new federal specifications for AC power in ambulances. For fire apparatus, these A/L models join the available American Chief and American Super Chief, which provide up to 7200 watts of AC power.

Model A/L 10-80 provides up to 1200 watts of AC power and 80 amps of DC battery charging. Model A/L 25-120 provides up to 3000 watts of AC power and 120 amps of DC battery charging. Both models operate all 120-volt equipment used on emergency vehicles.

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An added benefit of the inverters is that floodlights, loading lights and other equipment which would otherwise drain from the 12-volt battery system can now be converted to 120 VAC, thereby reducing wear on the alternator and battery system.

The inverters can be installed on new or existing equipment.

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Mobile Radios

General Electric Company has added E Series mobile radios with up to 12-frequency channel capacity to its MASTR II line. The E Series is particularly applicable to the expansion of large and complex radio systems serving major municipal and other multiple-frequency users.

Available in low band, high band and UHF frequencies, it uses integrated circuitry and all solid state construction. The new equipment can be ordered with a wide range of options, including dual front end and wide-spaced transmitter.

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Training System

Anteknai Inc., introduces a comprehensive fire service training system. Structured learning courses for individual selfinstruction in a narrated, filmstrip format in color covers subjects of study for recruit and_fire fighter training.

Recently adopted by the California Fire Chiefs Association, the training programs are consistent with IFSTA materials and standards. Typical program titles cover self-contained breathing apparatus, laying multiple hose lines, common forcible entry tools and metal and wood ladders.

Each program is 20 to 25 minutes long. Many standard filmstrip viewer machines will play the programs.

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Recessed Sprinkler

Grinnell Fire Protection Systems Co., Inc., has designed a fast-operating, automatic sprinkler that is recessed into a ceiling and enclosed to provide an attractive, unobtrusive safety system. The Duraspeed Cleanline sprinkler has been developed for applications where aesthetics are important.

UL-listed, the Cleanline is constructed of nonferrous components with a minimum of moving parts for operation on wet pipe systems. The enclosure plate is attached to the sprinkler at three solder points.

The sprinkler is available in two temperature ratings. The solder, which is covered with a corrosion-resistant compound, has a melting point of 117 degrees F or 165 degrees F, at which point the closure falls away and exposes the sprinkler. When the temperature reaches 165 or 212 degrees F, respectively, the sprinkler activates to release water.

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Pulse Rate Monitor

Two electronic pulse rate monitors for use in emergency vehicles of all types are now available from the Space Sciences Division of the Whittaker Corporation.

The Models 0 and 420 monitors visually and audibly monitor pulse rates, leaving hands of the attendant free for other tasks.

Monitoring is accomplished with a finger sensor that incorporates a built-in photoelectric detector to measure pulsatile flow of blood. Operation is from rechargeable batteries that offer up to 10 hours of continuous use between charges.

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Wrist Watch

A wrist watch with a four-color maltese cross design is available from Firefighter’Specialties.

The watch, which measures 1¼ by 1½ inches, has a one-jewel Swiss movement, sweep second hand and radium hands for night visibility. It is dustproof with a stainless steel back and an aerated band. It carries a six-month guarantee. It is available in chrome or gold finish.

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First Aid Kit

A special emergency medical technician’s first aid kit is being marketed by the Emergency Medical Products Division of Rockford Safety Equipment Company.

For use by rescue squads, fire fighters or ambulance personnel, the steel kit mea•sures 13¾ X 9⅝ X 2% inches and is waterproof and dustproof. It contains adequate first aid equipment to care for the critically ill or injured at an emergency scene. The kit includes a pneumatic pressure dressing, rescue breather, chest wound sealer, rescue blanket, ice packs, burn sprays, forceps, scissors, eye dressing packets, ammonia inhalants and a number of bandages and compresses.

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Message Repeater

Dictaphone Corporation’s new CallCheck message repeater allows a dispatcher to instantly retrieve recorded messages to assure accuracy and prompt reaction to emergencies.

The dispatcher uses a playback control unit next to his phone station. When he needs to retrieve a message, a button is depressed and the message is automatically played back. He may access up to 60 minutes of recorded conversations.

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Smoke Detector

The PRO-IB ionization-type smoke detector introduced by The Protectowire Co. detects invisible combustion gases and smoke.

When products of combustion are allowed to penetrate one of two ionization chambers, a voltage difference is produced which is then amplified and transmitted to the fire alarm control unit. Integrated circuitry requiring 24 VDC per circuit provides permanent life while remaining unaffected by voltage fluctuations and ambient temperature changes. Up to 200 detectors can be installed in a single circuit.

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Walter E. Lee, Inc. will make up custom firemarks for volunteer fire companies which can be used for fund raising or commemorative purposes.

The company will make up an original sculpture from departmental sketches, shoulder patches, etc. The firemarks are available unmounted or mounted on rough wood or on fabric and framed. A minimum order of 50 pieces is required as an initial order.

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Nine awards won in the photo competition of the International Fire Photographers Seminar are displayed by Lieutenant Joseph F. Benyo of Westland, Mich., second from left. Others, from left, are Division Marshal George Schuller of Chicago; Morrie Bleckman, a Chicago TV movie producer; and Ralph E. Fox of GAF Corporation.

Benyo Wins Nine Awards At Photograph Seminar

Lieutenant Joseph F. Benyo of the Westland, Mich., Fire Department swept the photo competition at the 10th annual International Fire Photographers Seminar recently in Chicago. Members participated from the United States, Canada, South America and England.

Benyo won nine awards, the most ever won at one time by any individual in the organization.

The competition was divided into two classes, communities of over 150,000 population and those under 150,000, but Benyo won in both categories by covering a threealarm fire in Chicago as well as doing photography in Westland, which has a population of about 110,000.

In the human interest category, Benyo won first place in the major city competition, and a second place in the other. For the best life saving photo, Benyo won a third place for smaller communities. The best movie found Benyo again taking first place in the under 150,000 population. Benyo won a second place in the best arson series in smaller municipalities. He placed second in both categories for the best color photo. For the best color slide, Benyo won third in the large city category and second in the smaller city category.

Benyo, who has a fire service instructor certificate from the University of Michigan, travels throughout the country talking about fire photography. He has been with the Michigan State Police Arson Division giving his program in arson investigation and fire photography for several years.

Check Valves

Designed to provide positive, safe supervision of most water connections, especially private fire connections, by detecting water flow in the fire main, detector check valves from CV Industries Inc. permit the full flow of water required during a fire.

Advantages claimed are compact size, light weight, easy installation and maintenance and minimum friction loss. The valves are available in 4, 6, 8 and 10-inch sizes.

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