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Field Command Post Control

Motorola Communications and Electronics, Inc., a sales subsidiary of the Motorola Communications Division, has announced the availability of a field command post control system for use in civil emergencies. The basic elements of the system are Handi-Talkie two-way portable radios, mobile repeaters and a unique command post.

The command post, which operates on either AC or DC current, continuously monitors the various emergency frequencies and is capable of transmitting on a variety of frequencies. The dispatcher has the option of muting any undesired frequencies while transmitting on only those of immediate concern.

Designed for portability, the command post contains all the required receivers and transmitters. It is housed in a foot locker weighing approximately 100 pounds and requiring only two men to move it. It can be located up to 10 miles from the troubled areas and provide effective interagency coordination.

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Radio Receiver

Trojan Electronics, Inc., has introduced a new fire, police and CD radio receiver which is crystal controlled and has Delta fine tuning. It has ⅜ microvolt sensitivity and operates on 110-120 volts AC.

The set can be supplied with from one to six requested frequencies in the 150174 MHz band. Circuitry is solid state. The manufacturer reports the range to be up to 35 miles, depending on terrain and other conditions.

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Dry Chemical Powder

Chemical Concentrates Corporation, a subsidiary of Baker Industries, Inc., announces Super K, a dry chemical powder development which is said to be compatible with all types and makes of recognized commercially available fire fighting foams.

Super K consists of finely divided potassium chloride in a specially graded range of particle sizes. The powder has been treated to free it from any tendency to interact with or break down foam. It is free flowing and non-hygroscopic under all conditions of temperature and humidity.

It is designed for use in dry chemical fire extinguishing devices and systems for fighting flammable liquid fires.

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Closed Circuit TV Projection Unit

Projecto-Vision, a complete closed circuit TV projection system that projects either over-the-air TV programs or closed circuit TV programs onto a screen up to 9 feet by 12 feet has been announced by GBC Closed Circuit TV Corp. ProjectoVision can be used for both front and rear projection.

As an instructional tool, Projecto-Vision eliminates the need to disperse video monitors or TV sets throughout a large group. Thus, the attention of the group is focused on a single large screen and there are few chances of distractions.

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Nylon Life Belt

Atlas Safety Equipment Company is introducing its Series 300 all-nylon life belt. Made of laytex-treated Duratex nylon, the belt is said to be stronger, lighter and longer-wearing than those made with conventional materials. The assembled belt will withstand in excess of 2,500 pounds.

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Traction Splint

Dyna-Med, Inc., announces the Hare traction splint for emergency splinting of leg fractures. The splint consists of a patented traction mechanism and a TriRing ankle strap attached to an adaptation of the standard Thomas Half-Ring splint. It telescopes to fit various leg lengths from small children to tall adults. Ample width is provided to accommodate any size shoe or boot. This feature also gives dootors sufficient room for examination, x-ray, surgical preparation and even cast application while the splint is still in place.

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Apparatus Cleaner

The Delta Chemical Corporation announces Control Pak Fleet Wash, a powdered soapless spray for painted automotive surfaces.

The manufacturer says that Fleet Wash will not damage, de-gloss or streak paint or polish coatings. The cleaner is packed in sealed moisture-resistant polyethylene 2-pound bags, 60 in a case.

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Projection Console

Vis-U-Line Systems Inc., is marketing the Vis-U-Cab, a fully automatic rear projection console for sound-slide programs. It is engineered for day-long uninterrupted operation or push button start and automatic shutoff.

The unit utilizes the Kodak Ektagraphic Carousel projector, synchronized with a solid-state amplifying system and cartridge tape deck. It has a 16 by 24-inch screen, a one-hour tape capacity and both telephone handsets and speaker system. The overall size is 28 by 22 by 72 inches.

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Intercom Systems

Talk-A-Phone Co. announces three new transistorized intercommunication systems, each said to provide 10 times the volume of conventional intercom systems when needed in large or noisy areas.

The three systems include a Master Selective intercom consisting of one master station which can communicate with from one to 10 substations; a Super Selective intercom consisting of up to 10 master stations, each of which can communicate with any other; and a Combination intercom consisting of one or more master stations which can communicate with one or more substations up to a combined total of 10.

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Fire Control Chemical For Back Pack Pumps

Previously available only in cases of six 1/2-gallon cans and in 30-gallon drums, 9-55 fire control chemical is now being packaged in 1-ounce “back pack treatments” by Cultured Chemicals Division of Gerald C. Bower, Inc.

According to the manufacturer, 1 ounce treats a 5-gallon fire extinguisher with enough of this chemical to make the water from three to five times as effective on a fire as plain water would be.

It is said to be nontoxic, noncorrosive, nonionic and safe to use on any fire where water would normally be employed.

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Crystal-Controlled Receiver

Harron Labs has developed a crystalcontrolled, portable, transistorized receiver for reception of fire calls in the 30-50 or 150-160 MHz band. A dual conversion superheterodyne circuit is employed ensuring the selectivity necessary to meet the requirements of narrow band reception. The unit is housed in a 6¾ by 4 by l)2-inch case and weighs less than 1 1/4 pounds.

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The Hallicrafters Company announces the “Hand Command,” an all solid-state, hand-held FM portable two-way radio. It operates at a full 1.5 watts output on two channels in the 148 to 173 MHz range.

The unit features splash-proof design for use in all-weather environments, a solid aluminum case and a glass epoxy circuit board with all electrical connections anchored in metal eyelets. All servicing functions can be performed, including circuit metering from a built-in socket, by sliding out the one-piece chassis. All components are fully accessible.

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Ice and Water Rescue Sled

The Raysled Company announces the Raysled, which can be used in summer as a rescue boat and in the winter as a rescue sled. It can be rowed, or propelled by an outboard motor. Ice creepers and reel attached to sled yoke achieve functional rescues on ice. It is made of fiber glass with foam-filled compartments and has been tested with weights over 1,000 pounds.

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An indoor-outdoor intercom, designed for clear, penetrating voice transmission and reception in high-noise working areas such as around fire fighting equipment, is available from Atkinson Dynamics.

The system employs a single heavyduty aluminum casting to protect transmitter and receiver from dust, dirt, corrosion and rough use. Controls, speakers and connections are sealed. The system is transistorized and is available for field use in either 117 volts AC or 12 volts DC.

To talk, the user holds down the switch lever; to listen, he releases it. Installation may be on any wall, post or other surface, and units, connected by a single electrical cord, may be miles apart or nearby, indoors or out. Wires may be strung along ground, walls or floors as needed.

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