What Shall We Do with the Youngster?

What Shall We Do with the Youngster?

OH, Min! Look what’s been left on our doorstep! Not a stitch of clothes on his body, but he’s a fat little rascal, this youngster 1924, and we can expect great things of him.

  • We all will have a share in bringing him up; in fact, when you come right down to it, each one of us has his own little 1924 to bring up during the next twelve months, and FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is interested to know:
  • What are we going to do about it?

  • Shall we stop frittering away so much time on useless things and make every hour of 1924 count for something really worth while?
  • The ayes have it!

    Shall we forget all our grouches and kicks and peanut politics and give the best we have in us to our chosen professions during 1924?

    Again the ayes have it!

    Shall we make even greater use of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING during 1924, both the editorial and the advertising pages, and continue to make it more and more the most popular journal of the fire protection and water supply field?

    The motion is carried!

    And now

  • We thank you, each and every one of our good friends, for your splendid co-operation during the past year and take this opportunity to wish you, for 1924, a Happy, Prosperous and Useful New Year.

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