The Citadel of the City’s Safety is Fire Headquarters; “Public Service is the Highest of Civic Virtues.” “Come, let us take counsel together.”

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Any subject not properly or sufficiently treated should find its prompt refutation or enlargement at the hands of some reader or readers.

With the annual convention of the International Association of Eire Engineers a matter of history we can right away for another year of hard work. There are great opportunities presented this year for the fire departments of the country and we must be ready to take advantage of every one of them. Never before has the interest of the general public been so aroused to the need for helping fire departments as now and we can capitalize this interest by securing the aid of those we serve in preventing conflagrations. Not only is it our opportunity but it is also our duty. The year that is just closing has marked many improvements in methods and many changes that undoubtedly will work for the good of the profession as a whole but we must rest content with what we have accomplished.

Although many departments have secured, the aid of the general public by means of calling attention to the work of the departments there are many communities in which this work has not been done. This is a mistake, for while we cannot trace directly the actual saving that has been accomplished in property damage and loss of life at the same time we can rest easy in knowing that we have done our part. Let us therefore get together and determine that before another convention comes around we will have accomplished the work that we now lay out.

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