Wheeling to Have Two Platoons

Wheeling to Have Two Platoons

The city council of Wheeling, W. Va., has been asked to increase the appropriation for the fire department by an additional $10,000 this year in order to provide for the operation of the two-platoon system in the fire department. A committee representing the firemen met with a similar committee from the council recently to consider the request and this will result probably in a recommendation to the council. According to the firemen, Wheeling is the onlycity in the state of West Virginia in which the two-platoon system is not in effect. The system was made possible at the last session of the West Virginia Legislature by the passage of House Bill No. 27.

The members of the Wheeling fire department work 6,206 hours a year and are off-duty 2,554 hours, according to statistics.

In order to provide for the two-platoon system it will be necessary, it is estimated, to add five additional men to the department and to appoint another captain at each fire house.

At present, when the captain lias his day off, the driver is acting captain. The men now work three days and off one. They also agree to work overtime in case of emergency or at the request of the chief. If fhe two-platoon was adopted here the men would work 24 hours and off 24 hours.

With the three days on duty and one day off the men are on work 72 hours and off 24 from May 1 to September 15, which is during the vacation period of two weeks, and from September 15 to May 1 w-ork 48 hours and off 24 hours.

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