When Bees Come, Call the Firemen

When Bees Come, Call the Firemen

If one is afraid of bees then the best thing to do is to call the fire department—that is while in Berlin, Germany.

Recently sixteen queens with their colonies of busy workers commenced looking for new apartments. They swarmed through the busiest business section of the city. In Berlin, when in doubt they call the fire department, and so, too, in this case.

The firemen induced the bees to accept a soap box for a residence in lieu of the lofty spire of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The sixteen hives were then turned over to the zoological gardens for whatever disposition they cared to make of the bees.

Laurens, Ia., Buys Apparatus—Laurens, Ia., has purchased new fire apparatus for $4,600.

Le Mars, Ia., Has New Apparatus—A new W. S. Nott fire truck has been delivered to Le Mars, Ia. It has a forty-gallon chemical tank and a booster pump.

Niagara Volunteer Association Formed—The newly organized Niagara Volunteer Firemen’s Association held its first meeting in Newfane, N. Y.

Alloway, N. J., Houses New Apparatus—More than five hundred firemen participated in the parade that was one of the events in the housing of the new apparatus in Alloway, N. J.

York Beach, Me., Has New Pumper—A 300-gallon pumper has been delivered to York Beach, Me. The York Beach department has three pieces of modern fire apparatus.

Bergen County, N. J., Chiefs Organize—The Bergen County Unit of the New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Association has been formed in Hackensack. Chief H. A. Tice of Ridgewood was elected chairman of the county unit. One of the principal topics discussed was the mutual aid system that is in vogue in both Atlantic and Ocean counties. The next meeting of the unit will be held in Hackensack, July 18.

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