Where to Find Exhibitors’ Booths at 108th IAFC Conference in St. Louis

Where to Find Exhibitors’ Booths at 108th IAFC Conference in St. Louis


IAFC Conference


ABC Locksmith & Security Systems Inc.

Royal Oak, Mich, Booth 167

Aero-Motive Mfg. Co.

Kalamazoo, Mich. Booth 331

Akron Brass Co.

Wooster, Ohio Booths 128-129, 162-163

Alexander Mfg. Co.

Mason City, Iowa Booth 76

Allegheny Fire Equipment Co.

Huntington, W. Va. Booths 60-61

Allegheny Ludlum Industries, Inc.

General Industry Group Monee, III. Booth 321

Aluminum Ladder Co.

Florence, S.C. Booths 101-102

Amerace Corp.

Signal Products Division Niles. III. Booth 272

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Chicago, III. Booth 254

American Biltrite Company

Cambridge. Mass. Booth 250

American Bristol Industries, Inc.

Harbor City. Calif. P-11

American Fire Apparatus Co.

Division of Collins Industries Hutchinson, Kans. Booths 30-34; A-8

American Fire Equipment Co., Inc.

Miami, Fla. Booths 216-221; P-48-49

American Fire Pump Company

Rogersville, Ala. P-31

American LaFrance

Elmira, N.Y. A-22, 27; P-21, 28

Amfire Industries, Inc.

Tampa, Fla. P-59

Angus Fire Armour Corp.

Angier, N.C. Booths 228-229

Antenna Specialists Company

Cleveland, Ohio Booth 159

Atlanta Testing Engineering

Norcross, Ga. Booth 75

Atlantic Ambulance Builders, Inc.

Daytona Beach, Fla. P-61

Atlas Safety Equipment Co.

Matawan, N.J. Booth 94

Atlas Steel Products Co.

P-9, 12; A-9, 12

Audio Pack Systems

Paola, Kans. Booth 70


Bar-Way Mfg. Co.

Stamford, Conn. Booth 240

Basch Company, Inc.

Freeport, N.Y. Booth 316

Bauer Breathing Air

Norfolk, Va. P-51

Bendix Corp.

Lewisburg, W.Va. Booths 266-267

Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Co.

Akron. Ohio Booth 157

Blue Water, Ltd.

Carrolton, Ga. Booth 275

Boardman Company

Oklahoma City, Okla. Booth 183; P-42

BP Safety Equipment

Div. Chromalloy American Corp.

Torrance, Calif. Booths 318-319

Brady Co., Robert J.

Subsidiary of Prentice-Hall

Bowie, Md. Booth 93

Braun Industries, Inc.

Oakwood, Ohio P-5

Brittania Films

Park Ridge, III. Booth 110

BRK Electronics

Aurora, III. Booth 54

Brynes Enterprises, K. F.

Kingston, Pa. Booth 63


Chance Company, A. B.

Centralia, Mo. Booth 305

Circul-Air Corp.

Warren, Mich. Booths 165-166

Continental Engineering

Bellevue, Wash. P-6

Continental Fire Trucks, Inc.

Hopkinton, Mass. A-47

Crash Rescue Equipment Service, Inc.

Dallas, Texas Booth 313


3D Fire Apparatus, Inc.

Bonduel, Wis. A-13

Darley & Company, W.S.

Melrose Park, III. P-52

Davis Chemical Corp., R.E.

Oak Brook, III. Booth 53

Dictograph Security Systems

Florham Park, N.J. Booths 209-210

Dictaphone Corp.

Rye, N.Y. Booth 27

Dover Corporation

Ernest Holmes Division Chattanooga, Tenn. Booth 288

Duo-Safety Ladder Corp.

Oshkosh, Wis. Booths 171-172

Duplex Division

Nolan Co. Midvale, Ohio A-29

DuPont de Nemours & Co., E. I.

Fabrics & Finishes Department Wilmington, Dela. Booth 149

Du Pont de Nemours & Co., E. I.

Market Communications Department Wilmington, Dela. Booths 281-282

Dynamote Corporation

Seattle, Wash. Booth 314


Eagle Signal Corp.

Austin, Tex. Booths 130-131

EEV Inc.

Elmsford, N.Y. Booth 19

Electra Company

Div. of Masco Corp. of Indiana Cumberland, Ind. Booth 211

Electro Sensor, Inc.

Oaklawn, III. Booth 52

Electrosonlcs International

Instated Division Riverside, N.J. Booth 255

Elgin Leach Corp.

Chicago, III. Booth 71; A-10-11

Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co.

Elkhart, Ind. Booths 119-121

Emergency Medical Services Magazine

North Hollywood, Calif. Booth 57

The Alfonso J. Cervantes Convention and Exhibition Center where all meetings and exhibits will be held.

108th Annual Conference International Association of Fire Chiefs Cervantes Convention Center, St. Louis, Mo.

Emergency One, Inc.

Ocala, Fla. Booths 257-258, 329-330; A-45. 46, 50, 51; P-55-57, 64-65

Entemann-Rovln Co.

Pico Rivera, Calif. Booth 47

Everson-Ross Company

Spring Valley, N.Y. Booth 90

E. V. F., Inc.

Riviera Beach, Fla. A-40-41

Excellance, Inc.

Madison, Ala. P-4


Factory Mutual System

Norwood, Mass. Booth 273

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Public Information Office Washington, D.C. Booth 213

Federal Signal Corp.

Blue Island, III. Booths 202-204A, 233-237A

Fsecon Corporation

Westboro, Mass. Booth 187

Fellowship ot Christian Firefighters

Parker, Colo. Booth 287

Ferno Washington, Inc.

Wilmington, Ohio Booths 284-285

Film Communicators

N. Hollywood, Calif. Booth 169

Fire Chief Magazine

Chicago, III. Booth 170

Fire Engineering

New York, N.Y. Booth 135

Firehouse Magazine

New York, N.Y. Booth 108

Fire Out Enterprises

Norwich, N.Y. Booths 68-69

Fire Prevention Plus, Inc.

Clearwater, Fla. P-43

Fire Prevention & Safety Programs

Cary, III. Booth 148

Fire Products Marketing

Mission Viejo, Calif. Booth 270

Fire Protection Publications

Stillwater, Okla. Booth 328

Fire Research Corporation

Nesconset, N.Y. Booths 260-61, 326-327

Fire Task Force Innovations, Inc.

Valparaiso, Ind. P-53

Fire Trucks Inc.

Mt. Clemens, Mich. P-62

Flltz International Ltd.

Sturtevant, Wis. Booth 116A

FMC Corp.

Fire Apparatus Operations Tipton,Ind. Booths 189-196, 241-248; A-30, 35, 38; P-32, 41, 44

Fyrepel Products, Inc.

Newark, Ohio Booth 132


Hahn Motors, Inc.

Hamburg, Pa. Booth 74; A-14

Hale Fire Pump Company

Conshohocken, Pa. A-15

Hannay & Son, Clifford B.

Westerlo, N.Y. Booths 125-126

Hartford Insurance Co.

Hartford, Conn. Booth 124


Willow Grove, Pa. Booth 276

Hendrickson Mfg. Co.

Lyons, III. A-48; P-58

Horton Company

Columbus. Ohio A-16

Hurst Performance, Inc.

Huntingdon Valley. Pa. P-24-25

Hydra-Shield Mfg., Inc.

Dallas. Texas Booth 302


Imperial Fire Hose Company

Miami, Fla. Booth 109

Indiana Fire Apparatus

Mays. Ind A-8-7

International Society of Fire Service Instructors

Hopkinton. Mass. Booth 332

International Underwriters, Inc.

Falls Church. Va. Booth 110A


Jaco Industries, Inc.

Mobile. Ala. Booths 35-37, 48-50; P-7, 10

Jeffrey Fire Protection Co.

jaffrey, N.H. Booths 136-137

JT Enterprises

Milledgevllle, Ga. Booth 41


King-Fisher Company

Des Plaines. III. Booths 188, 249

Knickerbocker Case Co.

Chicago. III. Booth 92


Newport Beach, Calif. Booth 222

Koehler Mfg. Co.

Marlborough, Mass. Booth 42


Ladder Towers, Inc.

Lancaster, Pa. Booth 40; A-34

Lanier Business Products

Atlanta, Ga. Booth 158

Lectric Lites Co., Inc.

Fort Worth, Texas Booth 186

Life Line Safety Products

S. El Monte. Calif. Booth 283

Lion Brothers Co.

Owings Mills, Md. Booth 304

Lion Uniform, Inc.

Janesville Apparel Division Dayton. Ohio Booths 58, 85, 85A, 86


Mack Trucks Corp.

Allentown, Pa. Booths 98-99; A-18-19

Mag Instrument, Inc.

Ontario, Calif. Booths 81-82

Mako Compressors, Inc.

Ocala. Fla. P-16

Marion Body Works, Inc.

Marion, Wis. P-36

Mars Signal Light Co.

Naples, Fla. Booths 333-336

MC Products

Smithtown, N.Y. Booth 322

McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Co.

St. Louis. Mo. Booths 262-264, 323-325

Mine Safety Appliances Co.

Pittsburgh, Pa. Booths 144-145

3-M Company

Fire Protection Systems Convention Services Booths 173-177

Mobile Medical

Decatur, Ind. P-13

Modern Engineering

St. Louis. Mo. Booth 40

Modular Ambulance Corp.

Grand Prairie. Texas Booth 164; A-31; P-33

Morning Pride Mfg. Co.

Dayton, Ohio Booth 180

Mosby Company

St. Louis, Mo. Booth 45

Motorola Communications & Electronics, Inc.

Schaumburg, III. Booths 205-207, 230-232


National Bureau of Standards

Center for Fire Research Washington, D.C. Booth 214

National Distributors

Amarillo, Texas Booth 317

National Draeger, Inc.

Pittsburgh, Pa. Booths 83-84

National Fire Hose Co.

Compton, Calif. P-19

National Fire Protection Association

Quincy, Mass. Booths 160-161

National Testing

Folcroft, Pa. Booth 259

Noren Products

Menlo Park, Calif. Booth 311

NIOSH-Taft Center

Cincinnati, Ohio Booth 179


Mishawaka, Ind. Booths 299-300


Paratech, Inc.

Frankfort, III. Booths 278-280, 307-309

Pemberton Fabricators, Inc.

Roncocas, N.J. P-14

Phillips Electronic Instruments

Mahwah, N.J. Booths 88-89

Pierce Mfg., Inc.

Appleton, Wis. A-24-25; P-23, 26

Pirsch & Sons, Inc., Peter

Kenosha, Wis. A-37

Plectron Corp.

Overton, Neb. Booths 197-199

Porter. Inc., H.K.

Somerville, Mass. Booth 168

Power Group Trust

Power Division Burnsville. Minn. Booth 274

Pratt & Lambert

Ameron Industrial Coatings Div. Wichita, Kans. Booth 29

Pressure Systems, Inc.

Pleasant Garden, N.C. P-37

Prestige Vehicles, Inc.

Arlington, Texas Booth 26; A-5

Professional Testing Systems

Virginia Beach, Va. Booth 28; P-8

Public Safety Equipment

St. Louis. Mo. Booths 151-153

Publishers for Conventions, Inc.

Pittsburgh, Pa. Booth 268


Cedar Knolls, N.J. Booth 265


Ranger Rubber Company

Endicott, N.Y. Booth 306

Reach Electronics

Lexington, Neb. Booth 143

Reading Techmatlcs

Reading, Pa. P-46

Red Head Brass, Inc.

Shreve, Ohio Booths 141-142

Red Kap Industries

Nashville. Tenn. Booth 150

Reflexite Corp.

New Britain, Conn. Booth 215

Regency Communications, Inc.

Satellite Beach, Fla. Booth 315

Rexnord Safety Products

Malvern, Pa. Booth 223

Rix Industries

Oakland, Calif. Booth 80

Roberts Company

Wayland, Mass. Booth 56

Rockwood Systems Corporation

South Portland. Maine Booths 122-123


Schell, Inc.

St. Petersburg, Fla. Booth 38

Sci-Technics, Inc.

West Paterson, N.J. Booth 55

Scott Aviation

Lancaster, N.Y. Booths 114-116

Seagrave Fire Apparatus

Clintonville. Wis. Booths 133-134; A-23, 26; P-22, 27

School Calendar Co.

Morristown, Tenn. Booth 46

Securus Division

Datura International, Inc. Los Alamitos, Calif. Booth 182

Servus Rubber Company

Rock Island, III. Booth 181

Sharp Electronics

Richardson, Tex. Booth 301

Sico, Inc.

Minneapolis. Minn. Booths 238-239

Smeal Fire Equipment Co.

Snyder, Neb. A-4; P-3

Snap-Tite, Inc.

Union City, Pa. Booth 91; P-15

Snorkel Fire Equipment Co.

St. Joseph, Mo. Booths 117-118; A-28; P-20, 29

Sonltrol of Greater St. Louis, Inc.

St. Louis, Mo. Booth 44

Southern Vehicle Products

Clearwater, Fla. Booth 224

Span Instruments

Plano, Texas Booths 251-252

Spartan Motors

Charlotte, Mich. A-43

Special Service & Supply

Chenoa, III. Booth 256


Niantic, Conn. Booth 127

Springfield Equipment Co.

Dayton, Ohio P-54

Statustronics Corp.

Farmlngdale, N.Y. Booth 185

Stevens Co.

Toledo, Ohio Booth 212

Streamllght, Inc.

Norristown, Pa. Booth 320

Super Vacuum Mfg. Co.

Loveland, Colo. Booths 154-156, 208; P-34, 39


Div. of U.S. Divers Santa Ana, Calif. Booths 64-66, 77-79

Sutphen Fire Equipment Co.

Amlin, Ohio Booths 146-147; A-32; P-35


TEC Coach Company

Goshen, Ind. A-21

Tempo Glove Mfg. Co.

Div. of Apex Glove Co. Milwaukee. Wis. Booth 43

Thibault, Laurent Crepeau, Inc., Pierre

Pierreville, Que„ Canada A-49; P-63

Truck Power & Equipment Co.

Orlando. Fla. P-60


Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Northbrook, III. Booth 100

U.S. Fire Administration

Washington, D.C. Booth 213

Unity Mfg. Co.

Chicago, III. Booth 140


Vanner, Inc.

Columbus, Ohio Booth 286

Versa-Lite Systems, Inc.

Clinton, Md. Booth 269

Volunteer Fireman’s Insurance Services, Inc.

York, Pa. Booth 97


Wacker Corp.

Milwaukee, Wis. Booth 303


Winnipeg. Man., Canada Booths 9-18

Waterous Company

South St. Paul, Minn. Booths 111-113: P-30

Werner Herbison Padgett

Des Plaines. III. A-36

Western Fire Equipment Co.

Brisbane. Calif. Booths 277, 310

Wheeled Coach Corp.

Orlando, Fla. A-39, 42

Whelen Engineering Co.

Deep River, Conn. Booth 106

Wilson Electronics

Las Vegas. Nev. Booths 95-96

Winco Generators

Div. of Dyna Technology, Inc. Minneapolis, Minn. Booth 312

Wolverine Worldwide

Wolverine Glove Div. Rockford, Mich. Booth 67

Woodhead Co. Daniel

Northbrook, III. Booth 107


Yankee Coach, Inc.

Palmer, Mass. P-47, 50


Zee Medical Products

Irvine. Calif. Booth 271

Zephyr Industries

Ashland, Ohio Booth 87

Zlamatic Corp.

Yardley, Pa. Booths 59-62

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