Which for You?

Which for You?

QUALITY or quantity? We usually can get what we go after, within reason, so it is for us to decide what we want—and why.

As to Magazines:

  • There are great national magazines with millions of readers. They reach men, women and children, in all walks of life, up and down the scale.
  • There are magazines like FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING with just a few thousand readers, but all of them interested in the same practical problems of providing their communities with adequate fire protection and water supply.
  • The advertiser in the big circulation magazines pays thousands of dollars a page to present his product to the mass.
  • The advertiser in a specialized paper like FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING pays just a fraction as much for presenting his sales message to the exact class of buyers he wants to reach.
  • When you recall that the great majority of our readers are heads of departments, the men who actually do the buying, it is all the more significant that we are constantly receiving letters like the following:

“It is a pleasure to pay my subscription to Fire and Water Engineering. It is well worth the money!”—Champaign, I11.

“I find it a great help to me.”—Mount Olive, No. Car.

“Of considerable value and interest “ New Orleans, La.

“A great help in solving the many problems that confront this department. Consider it a splendid investment.”—Laguna Beach. Calif.

—and so on and so on. Quality does tell, doesn’t it?

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