Which is Which? and What Are They Saying?

Which is Which? and What Are They Saying?

THESE are the inseparable brothers, fire protecand water supply, have met them before, but it’s always interesting to hear what they have to say for themselves.

This week, just to let you know FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING has lots of support in its policy of working toward closer co-ordination of the fire and water departments, we quote from a recent advertisement of one of our Pittsburgh friends. It reads as follows:

Water and Fire Protection

“Man cannot live safely in communities without proper fire protection. And fire protection means water. First there must be water stored and distributed so it will be available for effective use in time of need. The most expensively equipped and thoroughly trained fire department will be practically useless if anything happens to the water supply. You must be protected against fire. You must have water.”

And that’s where Fire and Water Engineering Comes In !

Fire protection means water! Water supply makes for fire protection! FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING works for both. The twin brothers are equally important—and you can’t consider one without the other!

Let’s all work, during 1924, for closer co-operation on the part of both departments!

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