Which Was the Hero?

Which Was the Hero?

The fire commissioners of Newark. N. J., will need the interference of the proverbial god of guessing to decide the knotty point as to who was the real hero in a rescue at a recent lire in Springfield avenue, at which a young woman with an unpronounceable and unspellable name was rescued by one of two captains and a fireman in the city’s fire department.

First, Captain Denis Guidera, of hook and ladder company No. 3 announced that he had rescued the damsel with the aid of a 20-foot ladder which he raised alone to a second story balcony on which she was appealing for assistance.

Immediately after the commissioners had murmured words of approval of Captain Guidera, the secretary read a report in which Captain Joseph A. Weber, of No. 6 engine company declared that Fireman Rothlein, of his conpany, was the hero.

The commissioners had scarcely recovered when the secretary read a report from Captain James Dolan, of engine company No. 20, in which he modestly admitted that he was the gallant rescuer.

Under the rules, feats of personal bravery count heavily in promotions.

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