White House to Have Automatic Fire Protection

White House to Have Automatic Fire Protection

The White House, Washington, is being equipped with a modern, automatic fire alarm system. The protection is part of extensive repairs being made at the White House and is a result of a recent survey made by the Federal Fire Council, which exposed the existence of serious fire hazards in the nation’s executive mansion.

The installation, which is being made by the American District Telegraph Company, will cover every room in the executive mansion and all hazardous areas in the wings, and is the same automatic system used in many other Federal buildings.

The installation includes more than two miles of copper tubing so small it can be easily concealed behind mouldings and in decorations. When a fire breaks out, the air confined in the tubing expands, creating a pressure which causes the alarm. Fire prevention experts say that when this system is completed, an outbreak of fire in the White House will be detected and reported so quickly that the blaze will have little chance to gain headway.

A new fire house will be erected by the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire District, Manhasset, N. Y. The department has placed an order for a 750-gallon WardLaFrance pumper.

Pumper Tested at New Zealand A Ford V-8 powered fire apparatus provided with a 400-gallon pump was tested at Wellington, New Zealand. The pumper delivered 450 gallons per minute at 120 pounds. The nozzle pressure at the end of a 1-inch nozzle was 90 pounds.

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