Who Knew Gus L. Berger?

Who Knew Gus L. Berger?

A. J. Neuw, American Vice Consul in Charge, Bahia, Brazil, is trying to find the relatives of an American who was killed in Bahia. Mr. Neuw writes:

“I am enclosing a post card found among the effects of the late Gus L. Berger, an American citizen who was killed in Bahia several weeks ago. It would be greatly appreciated if you would advise this consulate of the address of a relative of the deceased.”

Post Card Found With Effects of the Late Gus L. Berger

The post card illustrated was found on the person of Mr. Berger, and may have been sent by fire department friends in this country. At any rate, the consul hopes that it may serve as a means of locating some one who knew the deceased.

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