Who’s Your Favorite Candidate?

Who’s Your Favorite Candidate?

NOW that the national political situation is beginning to wax fast and furious, with every candidate stepping on every other candidate’s toes, FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is rather curious to know just how its readers are going to vote.

What do you think of the idea of our conducting a voung straw vote to determine whither the wind bloweth?

Coolidge, Davis, La Follette, Andy Gump—-each will receive his share of the total vote in November, but wouldn’t it be interesting to get a line-up on how the FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING family is going to ballot!

Send in your votes, therefore, gentlemen-—and we’ll record them—fairly and impartially.

Shall we put you down as favoring Cautious Cal, Dandy Davis, Battling Bob or Amiable Andy? Step up, gentlemen and cast your ballots a 2c stamp will do it!

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