Who Wants an Unusual Punch Bowl Set?

Who Wants an Unusual Punch Bowl Set?

A real fire service punch bowl set dating back to 1872, and consisting of a bowl, tray, thirty-three goblets and a ladle, is offered for sale by Hausmann, Inc., jewelers in New Orleans, La.

The service was presented to I. N. Marks in 1872.

The tray is over twenty-six by thirty-five inches with handles in the shape of crescents. On each end is a fire plug with hose attached and follows the border to the opposite handle. In the center of the tray is a good sized engraving of a fire scene with the firemen in action.

Old Punch Bowl Set With Fire Department Motif

The punch bowl proper is fifteen inches in diameter and sixteen inches from the base, with the cover surmounted by a three-inch firemen. It holds three and one-half gallons of liquid. The goblets are six inches high and a fireman blowing a trumpet serves as the stem. A firemen’s helmet Is used as the design for the ladle.

The design of the set is unique and it is believed that there is not another one like it in the world. The set is of sterling silver and weights nine hundred ounces.

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