Why Should Departments Be Concerned About Carcinogens

Recent studies show daunting statistics about firefighters developing cancer while on the job or years after retirement. In fact, firefighters are proven more likely to contract cancer in their lifetime than the general public. Additionally, it is well known that the number one cause of Line of Duty Deaths (LODDs) is heat stress.

“Fire-Dex is committed to developing products that address the number one and two causes of fire-related occupational death, carcinogen exposure and heat stress,” says Fire-Dex President, Steve Allison. “Our products are designed and engineered to not only protect firefighters from immediate hazards but also to help address the long-term health risks associated with cardiovascular failures and exposure to carcinogens.”

Defend Yourself with the Interceptor Package™

This package combines 3 health and safety solutions to protect you and your department: 

(1)   The H41 Interceptor™ particulate barrier hood reduces exposure to harmful carcinogens that are known to be absorbed through the highly-permeable skin on the jawline, throat and neck.

(2)   TECGEN51 is a dual-certified, single-layer garment that provides protection against both heat stress and repeated exposure to harmful carcinogens residing on turnout gear. By using this gear for non-fire related calls, the life of your turnout gear is extended.

(3)   Custom FXR turnouts featuring Active Posture Design™, which minimize stress and cardiac fatigue while allowing for a greater range of motion- especially when wearing your SCBA.  

Bundled together in one economical package, this trifecta is the best defense for firefighter health. 

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