Why Simulation Needs to be the Next Step in Driver Training

At FDIC on Wednesday, March 23, Fire Department of New York Lieutenant (Ret.) Robert Raheb led this discussion on the newest innovations in simulation training.

Raheb stated, “EMS Departments that fail to proficiently and routinely train their members in vehicle operations that include driving simulation training are leaving themselves exposed to litigation not only from the community but also from those members. This class teaches the aspects of simulator driving training and how successful it has been for some fire departments and business organizations.”

Raheb discussed the “Triangle of Training,” which is made up of lecture, skills, and simulation. “I want the student to understand that simulation training isn’t a luxury that one can’t afford, but significant training that one cannot afford to do without. Departments need to train their personnel the same way they expect them to behave while responding to and operating at the scene.”

Raheb concluded, “Practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. Simulation training allows the student to not only learn theory, but also to experience it in real time. The definition used here is ‘experience is the training you needed three minutes ago.’”



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