Why You Should Go to San Francisco

Why You Should Go to San Francisco

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Gee, Mabel, if I could only take it all back with me to Maybury!

We were glad to discover that all the chiefs who answered this month’s Round Table will have their way paid, out of city funds, to the IAFC Conference in San Francisco. This has not always been so, and there are many chiefs who will have to dig into their own pockets or stay home.

But the trend is here, and hopefully it will continue to the point where every chief in the United States and Canada will be able to attend the largest annual fire service conference and exhibition.

We are firm believers that in unity there is strength and that the larger an organization is, the stronger it can be, and the more it will be heard—to the benefit of all. One way for it to be heard is to have a resoundingly successful conference that makes headlines locally and nationally. It is for this reason that we urge all who can—even at a sacrifice—to attend the 94th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the International Association of Fire Chiefs at San Francisco, September 10 to 14.

The format for this year’s conference differs from the past in that the program will feature multiple seminars addressed to the various segments of the fire service. This rather than several presentations given to a general audience which cannot participate.

With the increased participation offered by the seminars comes an increase in the exchange of ideas by men from all sections of the country. Their problems are basically the same but require somewhat different treatment. Often this different treatment has been tried and found wanting, or perhaps has succeeded. In either case, chiefs can relate their experiences to the group and needless duplication of effort can be avoided.

Aside from the formal program, there is the informal program in which two or more chiefs get off in a corner to discuss problems which sometimes cannot be discussed in front of a large group.

As Chief Dodson of Louisville, Ky., put it in the Round Table: “There are a number of benefits derived from attending this meeting. We have a chance to see new equipment and to learn new methods and techniques. Round table discussions with other chiefs help me with my own problems. I also feel that such a meeting creates a feeling of closeness with the nation’s fire service.”

This, incidentally, from the host chief of next year’s conference.

His words epitomize the reasons for attending the conference, and good reasons they are.

So, we’ll see you in San Francisco!

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