Wildfires Create Opportunities for Incident Management Team Field Training

Washington, D.C. – Deputy Administrator of the United States Fire Administration (USFA), Charlie Dickinson, announced that Incident Management Teams (IMTs) participating in the USFA’s All-Hazards Incident Management Team Technical Assistance Program are being deployed to the wildfires in North Central Texas.

Team members of the San Diego Regional IMT and the Iowa State IMT have returned from Granbury, Texas where they completed a week of field training at the Incident Command Post (ICP) for the Texas fires. Members of other State and regional IMTs will be deployed in the coming weeks as the situation continues. During their deployment, members of these IMTs receive valuable field experience by observing and assisting with the management of the numerous wildfires affecting that state.

“This is an ongoing All-Hazard IMT Field Training opportunity, in cooperation with the Texas State Forest Service” said Dickinson. “Other regional and State IMTs participating in the USFA All-Hazard IMT Technical Assistance Program will be sent to Texas as long as the opportunity for this valuable training experience exists.”

USFA’s All-Hazard IMT Technical Assistance Program includes guidance and extensive training on developing a Regional or State IMT with ongoing management and maintenance support. The primary objective for this portion of the program is to immerse the team members with an active Type 1 or Type 2 IMT. All team members will be assigned to a command and general staff position with specific assignments, under the supervision of a USFA Field Training Liaison. This opportunity will allow these team members to fully understand the responsibilities of their respective positions and to gain knowledge and experience in order to be better prepared to handle major or complex incidents within their own jurisdiction.

For further information regarding the IMT training, or other training opportunities, contact the USFA All-Hazards IMT Technical Assistance Program office at 301-447-7888 or FEMA-AHIMT@dhs.gov, or visit http://www.usfa.fema.gov/subjects/incident/imt.

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