William G. Parzer, Chief of the St. Louis Fire Department

William G. Parzer, Chief of the St. Louis Fire Department

Wm. G. Panzer chief of the St. Louis Fire Department, Was appointed a member of the department May 6, 1893, and assigned to Hook and Ladder Co. No. 3 in the capacity of ladderman; he was promoted to lieutenant September 21, 1894; after diligent and hard work he was again promoted to captain June 17, 1895, and assumed command of Hook and Ladder Co. No. 4, which position he retained up to October 9, 1912, when he was promoted to assistant chief, and assigned to Districts Nos. 1 and 8. Director of Public Safety C. E. Swingley promoted him to the position of deputy chief May 1, 1917. and before Mr. Swingley’s retirement from public office promoted him to chief of the fire department July 15, 1917. Mr. Swingley repeatedly expressed himself in selecting Chief Panzer that he is a man that he could solely entrust this responsible post to, as a man of sterling qualities, excellent character and ability and is well able to give the city of St. Louis efficient service. His friends are men prominent in the city and he is well thought of by all of them.

Wm. G. Panzer, Chief of St. Louis Fire Department.

Franklin H. Wentworth, secretarytreasurer of the National Fire Protection Association, with offices at 87 Milk street, Boston, who has been seriously ill, is reported to be much improved.


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